Flow In the Farm for the Long Weekend

Back in September of last year, the fab ladies of Flow Retreats partnered with the beautiful ladies of Holy Carabao to host Flow In the Farm, which was a fantastic time for everyone! So, they decided to do it again. Last Saturday, Flow In the Farm part deux took place at The Farm Shed at the Acacia Waldorf School in Sta. Rosa, Laguna, with lots of fun activities for the kids, workshops for both the young’uns and their parents, holistic food vendors, and interesting little stalls at the eco market that sold everything from grow kits to all natural sunblock.

The Commercialization of San Pedro Cutud’s Cricifixions

I honestly didn’t know what to expect when Jericho and I made our way to Pampanga yesterday morning. I had been reading about the real-life crucifixions as part of the Lenten rites all over the Philippines, Cutud, especially, and had wanted to see one for myself for the solemnity, the drama, the stories behind the penitents for mortifying their flesh as an act of contrition every Good Friday.

#SpreadtheCheese with La Petite Fromagerie’s Cheese Catering

The incredibly talented Karla Reyes of Swizzle Mobile Bar, Go Gourmet by The Plaza, and The Plaza Catering, has a new baby… and it’s really cheesy! Literally. This multi-talented biz wiz put up a premium cheese buffet in Metro Manila and everyone’s going gaga over the creamy, strong, stinky varieties of cheese on offer. She hosted an intimate gathering the launch of La Petite Fromagerie, and so naturally, everyone came out in droves to support the advent of unlimited French cheese in Manila.

A New Moon Thanksgiving Concert with Lee Grane

After everyone had finished eating and settled down, Lee came up to the stage and started playing. How have I never heard of this woman before? What rock was I living under?! Her voice is amaaaazing! And all her original songs are about (or written under) full moons, which if you believe in angels and muses, is pretty special. Her rendition of Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah is probably one of my favorites.

Celebrating The Best of The Plaza Catering

I spent a good part of the evening chatting with tita Millie, Karla’s mom, about the rich history of The Plaza Catering, Inc. The former cafe-turned-catering company has become somewhat of an institution in the country, catering celebrations of some of the biggest names in movies, politics, and social circles. Going through their albums of clippings, it is pretty amazing to see how they have touched lives through serving excellent food.