Traversing Tinder: Tinderbang or Tinderhang?

“Isn’t Tinder a hook up app?” I asked a friend. I’m not looking for something serious, but I don’t want one of those wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am guys either. “I have never heard anyone say, ‘I found the love of my life on Tinder!'” I exclaimed. She turned a bright shade of pink, and sheepishly admitted that she met her current beau on the app, and what started as an excuse to forget an old flame turned out to be her new one. That got me thinking. “So there really is something more to Tinder then?” I signed up for an account a few minutes later.

Gear4 Espresso Bluetooth Speaker: Size Doesn’t Matter

I love my music. I have a subscription to Spotify, which in my opinion is one of the best investments I’ve made this year, and I enjoy their driving, sleeping, waking, and weekend playlists as much as their next fan. Indeed, music is a big part of my life and looking to see whether or not a hotel suite I’m checking into comes with an iPod dock (and complimentary wifi!) is definitely what may make or break my stay there. For the times the hotel isn’t equipped with the latest gadgetry, I bring along my Gear4 Espresso (P1,350) – a small but powerful speaker I got from the cool folks at Digital Walker. It’s super easy to use, and this is my speaker of choice when I head out, using my iPhone to connect to it via Bluetooth, and share my playlist with the rest of the folks there.

Totally Trendy with In-Ear Urbanears Kransen

As much as I love my washable pumpkin-hued Urbanears Humlans, I still find them a bit too bulky to lug around in my everyday bag. The guys at Digital Walker and Beyond the Box must’ve heard my plea, as they sent over Humlan’s baby brother for me to unbox and test drive – the Urbanears Kransen (Php 1,950). Not only are they sleek, chic, and virtually tangle-free, they also boast of incredible sound for their tiny size.

Native Union Monocle: Wear It Your Way

I’ve found my all around speaker of choice this year, and it’s really pretty! Of course, it comes in guy-friendly colors, too, but the Coral Red looks feminine and bohemian all at the same time. Native Union’s Monocle is more than a speaker, a handset, or a speakerphone. This is an all-in-one device that lets one enjoy their music and make my calls in a fresh new way. If you’re looking for a speaker/handset/speakerphone that looks totally hipster, the look and feel, inspired from vinyl records, is for you.

Nude Audio Makes You Dance to the Move Collection

Being born into a generation who was brought up to embrace the digital era, radios have been set aside for podcasts, TVs have taken second place to laptops, and big bulky stereos have been replaces with small, sleek iPods. The guys at Nude Audio have embraced the changing tides (they’re been changing for quite sometime now), and have successfully melded convenience, portability, and a kickass bass to their collection of sweet, sweet speakers. This Christmas, I got to test and try their newest Move Collection, which included a Move M model, and it’s bigger brother, the Move L.

Urbanears Humlan & Its Washable Parts

I usually work from home most days, but that can get pretty boring. I like to mix it up by heading over to my favorite coffee shops or cafés, and I always bring my trusty headset or earbuds along drown out all the chatter or the bad taste in music, allowing me to get on with whatever it is I’m working on in peace. Alas, as far as most overused gadgets are concerned, they wear out with use. Most of my headsets barely last me half the year before they start to look dirty and worn out from wear and tear – way too dirty for it to be taken out in public. But to my delight, one the Urbanears Humlan (Php 2,250) headset solves my shame of bringing out a dirty pair of headphones with its washable parts! No more ghetto-looking, grimy headsets for this lady!