La Union: A Weekend Warrior’s Surfing Itinerary

So you’re determined to learn to surf and go an adventure (whether it be a solo trip or with your mates) and have chosen La Union as your destination. Now what? Well, depending on how long you plan on staying (and surfing), here’s a list of a few places you can stay, where to surf, what to eat, and what else you can do in good ol’ Elyu!

La Union: Stress-Free Surf Weekend with Surfista Travels

I had a fantastic weekend making new friends and learning more about surfing, thanks to Elaine and Surfista Travels. Everything was so convenient and hassle-free. This is definitely something I’d try a few more times, since it’s a great way to meet the locals and broaden your circle of friends. If this is your first ever surf trip, I would definitely recommend doing a Surfista tour, since being surrounded by people who are passionate about the sport helps get you excited and motivated to hone your skills for catching that next big wave.’Til the next one!

Krav Maga, Learning Badass Self-Defense Techniques from the IKMF

While most forms of martial arts usually come with a traditional and historic background that practically turns the movement into an art form with an aspect of spirituality thrown in for good measure, Krav Maga gives all of that the middle finger. In competitions, there are rules, regulations, and a referee, while Krav Maga throws all that out the window, sourcing the best moves from boxing, Combat Sambo, Muay Thai, Wing Chun, judo, jujutsu, wrestling, aikido and grappling, along with realistic fight training, teaching you the shortest and most effective techniques aimed to paralyze, subdue, or kill your opponent using quick, explosive movements.

Diving at Giant Clams with Marco Vincent Dive Center

Being a boat-ride away from the port of Batangas and with over 30 diving spots to choose from, its no surprise that Puerto Galera is a favorite destination among divers. Whether you’re just getting your feet wet or are a Dive Master on holiday, there is always something for you here. I spent a few nights at Puerto Galera’s most luxurious establishments, Infinity Resort, with a good friend and dive fiend, Cecille Chang. We were there to relax, unwind, work on a tan, and eventually get me to try scuba diving, her favorite sport. I met up with Cecille and another friend at the resort, as she had been staying and diving around White Beach over the weekend.