Benefits of the Midas Gold Card Membership

While most people would opt to get away from the city as often as they could to enjoy the sights, smells, and sounds of the country, a lot of us just don’t have the leisure to pack a bag and hop on the nearest bus to a random province a few hours outside of Metro Manila. Sometimes, all you need is a small change of scenery, with the comfort of the city at your fingertips and the annoyances of home being far away. In my case, I need a quiet space to clear my head sometimes and just write – for clients, for myself, for my freelance projects – which is why I signed up for a Midas Gold Card Membership.

A Birthday Weekend at Midas Hotel & Casino

I had recently signed up for a Midas Gold Card Membership and had been wanting to put it to good use, and the weekend birthday staycation was a great excuse to use it. Located along Roxas Boulevard of what was formerly the old Hyatt Hotel (before it moved, and then moved again), the hotel gives a nod to its historical roots by keeping one of the Hyatt’s old walls, displayed by the posh lobby of the hotel encased in glass.

Domicillo Design Hotel: Tagaytay’s Très Chic Boutique

Domicillo opened its doors to the public last December 2014, and commands a picture-perfect view of Taal lake. “I think we’re the first design hotel in Tagaytay,” says owner Rene Alcala, sharing how the new bed and breakfast has more that just gorgeous scenery on offer. Indeed, Domicillo takes pride in its design – an minimalist style that blends in with the rest of the environment, with a stone, wood or greenery feature in every corner.

Nature Tripping with Hamilo Coast’s Cove Tour

Before heading out to lunch, the speedboat docked a few meters away from Santelmo Cove, and Jericho and I snorkeled around the area, taking in the underwater view of colorful fish that liked to follow us around, at awe at the giant clams that resided a couple of feet below us. One of the boatmen even swam down to pick up some of the smaller clams to show to us, which although made for a great photo-op, is a big no-no in the diving community. Let the marine life be and just look. The clams didn’t appreciate it either, squirting out seawater.

Feasts Between Friends at Pico de Loro

I had such an amazing time at Pico de Loro, even if it was just for two days. My Corner Deluxe Room at the Pico Sands Hotel was huge with the balcony wrapping around the sides giving me an amazing view of the lagoon and the mountainside, I got to worship the sun and go snorkeling, spent some much needed quality time with an old friend from high school who owned a residential unit at the cove, and got to tuck into some really good fare at some of the restaurants within the vast property, a lot of which are actually good for sharing.