Tranquility Hides Within Malasimbo Spa at Infinity Resort

If you think a romantic getawawy for two at the amazing Infinity Resort in Puerto Galera cannot get any better, you’re mistaken. After spending a sexy afternoon by the pool or getting in a day’s worth of dives with the Marco Vincent Dive Center, come back to your little sanctuary where the mountains meet the sea and indulge in some extra pampering at the resort’s Malasimbo Spa before getting a bite to eat at The Brae.

The Brae at Infinity Resort Meets Manila’s Queen of Thai

Spending most of my week at Infinity Resort, the beautiful luxury hideaway in Puerto Galera, I had most of my meals ordered from the resort’s in-house restaurant, The Brae. I initially thought their prices were expensive and attributed it to being at a resort in the middle of nowhere, but the truth is, most of the portion sizes are huge – almost everything is good for sharing.

Infinity Resort, a Luxurious Escape in Puerto Galera

I felt both nervous yet excited getting on the bus to Batangas Pier early on a Monday morning. The last time I went to Puerto Galera was over 10 years ago, and I wasn’t very happy with the standard of the hotels and the crowd that loitered around White Beach during my weekend trip there – dubious-looking women clinging to old, white men, aggressive vendors trying to hustle you for your cash, and lady boys selling their “company” for a couple of hundred pesos and maybe a bag of crack or smack. To imagine a picturesque luxury resort amongst the cheap hotels and dive bars in the area was almost impossible! So when I was invited to pay Infinity Resort a visit for a few days, I was very curious to see how much of the Puerto Galera landscape had changed – hopefully for the better.