New Age Supplies at Bodhi Shop in Tagaytay

I’ve recently discovered a magical place in Tagaytay hidden away inside a new developing village which is a home away from home for happy new age hippies such as myself. Relax and let your om mani paddle hum humming self relax and enjoy the fresh air, the plethora of books to get lost in, and discover new tools, crystals, and oils to enhance your current mindful meditation practice at the Bodhi Shop.

10 Fun Facts About The Farmacy in Tagaytay

While spending most of my week at Nurture Wellness Village in Tagaytay, I took a peek at their in-house farm called The Farmacy located on a few acres of land a short walk form the village. Kuya Elmer, one of the farmers and farm resident, came by for Jericho and I after breakfast and we took a 15-minute walk down from the gate of Nurture Wellness Village to that of The Farmacy. I was all giddy like a school girl holding hands with her crush.

Holistic Healing with Nurture Healing Juices

I was given a demo on the Nurture Healing Juices specifically concocted by their wellness nurse designed to help prevent sickness and help the body heal itself. They blend their juice to maximise the benefits of everything from the concentrated liquid product to the pulp and offer special packages for wellness retreats that include these juices and healthy meals during your stay.

AcneCare – Zits Awfully Effective! #MayPagAsaPa

Since my sister started using AcneCare products, her face has cleared up and went from red and blotchy to smooth and even. I was worried that the shallow pitting she had on her cheeks would be permanent, but the medication seems to have helped with that, too! Overall, she’s very happy with the outcome and I’m seeing her self-confidence grow day by day thanks to a now pimple-free face.

Vida Nutriscience’s SnowCaps Glutathione & Snow Skin Whitening Soap

While I may not be the best person to talk to when it comes to skin whitening, I am one of the people you can talk to about maintaining that tan, and ironically, it involves whitening products. For gorgeous, radical-free skin, keep a box of SnowCaps L-Glutathione in your vitamin arsenal (double up if you want to want to lighten your skin tone) and have a few bars of Snow White on hand for whitening knees and elbows – usually the parts of the body that may get too dark when using tanning lotion – for a beautiful, even glow.