Audrey Hepburn is such an iconic fashion icon that even 54 years after Breakfast at Tiffany’s was released, ladies, teens, and tweens still try to emulate Holly Golightly’s walk, talk, and fashion sense. There was something mysterious and playful about her character, a paradox of innocence and mischievousness that men just couldn’t resist.

A picture оf charm, beauty, elegance, аnd grace, Audrey Hepburn іs а true icon оf thе twentieth century – here are 6 facts about Holly Golightly (and Audrey!) that makes the latest Trinquets’ Femme Fatale box so inspiring, it almost makes me want to go out an buy myself a Danish.


1. Coco Chanel may have invented the LBD, but Givency made it a fashion staple. 

Hepburn worked with designer Hubert de Givenchy to craft her costumes for the film, one result being Holly’s iconic little black dress. Christie’s auctioned the original dress in 2006 and sold it for $923,000, with the money going to support the construction of a school for the poor in Calcutta.

We ladies all have that little black feakum dress hiding in the closet, ready for a night on the town. Spruce it up with Trinquets’ shiny black and gold necklace and earring combination for an effortless transition from sassy to classy.


2. Some have mistaken Hepburn’s oversized glasses for Ray-Bans, but they’re actually made by Oliver Goldsmith.

In 2011, the sunglasses were re-released for the 50th anniversary of the film and can now be had for $440. Sheesh, why pay that much when you can get a similar styled eye candy in your monthly Trinquets box? Super cute black oversized shades? Check. UV protection? Check. That oh-so-smooth Hepburn vibe? Check.


3. Hepburn hated Danish.

Despite the famous shot of Hepburn at the Tiffany’s window holding a Danish and a cup of coffee, Hepburn’s affections leaned more towards the ice cream at Schrafft’s rather than the pastry.

But can we talk about Holly’s hair, tho? It still looked flawless after a night out of flirting, drinking, and drinking! I don’t know how she did it, but I definitely need the help of a hair donut as well as lots and lots of bobby pins to keep my hair up in a bun like that!


4. Holly Golightly was supposed to be played by Monroe.

A lesser known fact about Breakfast at Tiffany’s was that Audrey Hepburn was apparently extremely self-conscious about her role as Holly because she knew the writer, Truman Capote, was disappointed that the film had failed to secure the curvier Marilyn Monroe as the lead, and would feel uncomfortable every time he would visit the set.

Play up your curves with a waist hugging gold belt that is just the thing I needs to accentuate my figure when wearing loose-fitting dresses and billowy maxis.


5. Hepburn’s Holly Golightly character was a game changer.

The character of Holly Golightly caused quite a stir back in the ’60s and was thought to help aid change the views of women at the time. Holly was controversial as one of the first party girls on film — she was wild, a drinker, a seductress, and not tied down by a man.

Celebrate your independence and dress up with a shiny statement bracelet, just the arm candy one needs when out partying at the superclub! If your friends have trouble finding you in the packed bar, all you need to do is raise your arm up – a homing single for your homegirls!


6. The Cracker Jack du jour in the ’60s was a whistle.

Remember the scene where Pau land Holly attempt to have a Cracker Jack ring engraved at Tiffany’s? The production crew reportedly went through 200 boxes of Cracker Jacks before finding a ring. On the other hand, each Trinquets box is assured to come with one ring. Not necessarily the ring, but a ring.


Each subscription box is Php 950/ each or sign up for a three-box subscription for Php 850/ each. This is a really thoughtful gifts guys can give to their girlfriends – and you don’t have to pay an arm and a leg for it, either.

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