I had met Sandy Allan the Soucard Reader (Php 1,000/ 1-hour session) about seven or eight years ago when I was at a fairly low point in my life. I felt like I had no control over my life and the situations I was put in – I was in a relationship that I was unhappy with but to scared to admit, my immediate family had more or less disowned me, and I felt like a leaf being blown about by the wind, taking whatever trial and tribulation came my way.

About the Soulcard Reader


Sandy is a Soulcard reader. She uses cards that were created by Deborah Koff-Chapin through her process called ‘touch drawing’ – by which she uses her fingertips to create pictures that seem to speak to our souls. The woman is probably one of the best intuitives I have had the pleasure of talking to, and she uses the cards merely as a tool to help get her points across. Pictures do paint a thousand words, after all.

Now, just so you know, Sandy talks. A LOT. Not in a bad way, more like a well-meaning, really blunt friend that will tell you the good, the bad, and the ugly, whether you’re ready for it or not – and that is exactly how each session with her turns out. She shares her own life experiences, stories of other clients in similar situations, and tools she has tried and tested to help you through whatever process it is you need to go through to grow from. I will never forget my first session with her. The first words out of her mouth when she read my cards were, “Honey, you are carrying the weight of the world on your shoulder. You have to learn to forgive yourself.” And that was all I needed to start my healing process.

Paying Sandy a Visit


Now in 2015, a few weeks after my beautiful 3-year-old furbaby crossed over, I was having a difficult time dealing with the grief and thought of reaching out to Sandy for another much needed session. I scheduled an appointment with her for a Saturday afternoon, made my way to her little shop in Cubao X called The Reading Room, and headed up to the second floor. It was like seeing an old friend. Although the space had changed slightly from the Arabian-like readings with us sitting cross-legged on the floor, the space felt very safe,and I was happy to see that the no nonsense Sandy hadn’t changed a bit.

Readings are done one-on-one, so if you plan on bringing a mate with you to the readings, don’t – Sandy will banish them to the ground floor of her store faster than you can say “codswallop.” She sat me down and we got comfortable, ready for an hour-long discussion of what was going on in my life, some of her advice was right on point, some I didn’t resonate with as much, but overall she had interesting points to make that I went home to have a long think about.

Soulcard Reading & Healing


After shuffling the cards and having me cut them, she turned them over in a pattern and took a good hard look, before playing a game of scales to help establish my emotional baseline. I was to answer her questions from my gut, without thinking, with 1 being the lowest, saddest, baddest feeling and 10 being the highest, happiest, best. We went though a few random questions like how I gauged my driving, how I thought about myself, how happy I was with my living situation, until finally we touched on how sad I was – I think I was at around a 9.

We went through the cards and she explained how I was at a crossroads in my life – which made sense, as I will be turning 30 in a few months – and how I should now be finding my focus or center. I have been ‘going with the flow’ for so long, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but as I am getting a bit older it was time for me to think about where I want to lay down roots and plan for the future. I joked how I feel like a hippie most days, and Sandy agreed that was exactly what I was.

We talked about money matters, and I told her how I always seemed to have just enough when I needed it, and she affirmed that I would be seeing an influx of cash in the next few months, which is always good news! I have never been materialistic, which is why a lack or abundance never really affected my everyday living, but she did advise that I should always ask the universe for more than ‘just enough’. There is a lot of money to go around, anyway!

We talked about my current work situation, and she also affirmed how there was no growth where I was currently at, and that I should be looking at other opportunities since that’s where I am to definitely grow as a person. This was the affirmation I needed, the universe telling me I was on the right track as I had already given my notice and was serving out my 30 days. I already had a new job waiting for me that I am pretty excited about career-wise, although I did have my concerns about leaving.

Moving onto business matters, Sandy cautioned me that now was not the time to expand, and that I shouldn’t force it otherwise my little baby would start crumbling at the edges. I will be learning a lot from my new job, and in time, apply that knowledge to the business, start building a good team of people, and find a niche that will make the business a lot more successful than it already is. This was also the confirmation I needed, as I was considering hitting the pause button on my business to concentrate on working and taking up a few courses for most of next year.

For the most part of my session with Sandy, we talked about grief, and dealing with it day-to-day. Many fur parents who have lost their beloved pets take the loss pretty hard, and I had been been feeling it really bad. There had been nights where I would hope to not wake up the next day – all I wanted was to be with my furbaby again. Yet about a week after Wiggy passed away, I would see little signs that he was still around, and the intuitive in me could see that he was well and happy on the other side, which gave me a sense of comfort.

Sandy gave me four helpful tools that helps one deal with loss and get by from one day to another until you finally reach acceptance and let go:

  1. Micromanaging Your Day. This sounds exhausting, but right before you go to bed or in the morning before you start your day, write down all the tasks you need to do – from putting the kettle on for tea, to taking off your shoes at night. This exercise helps you get on from one day to the next, filling it up with little tasks that you can tick off ’til you clear it all out and have to start again, keeping yourself busy instead of being paralyzed with sadness.
  2. Break Stuff. Not other people’s stuff! Sandy shared how her work can get very emotional at times, and all that extra energy floating about needs to go somewhere. What she does is she buys cheap terracotta pots, lines them up in a row, and goes at them with a baseball bat. If you’re feeling incredibly angry or sad, giving things a good old smash always helps to get all that extra pent up energy out of you and can be quite cathartic.
  3. Schedule Your Grief. I find this works best for where I’m currently at – I take a time out of my day to just be sad. Whether that’s an hour before you go to bed, 15 minutes after you wake up, or while you stand in the shower feeling the hot water on your cheeks – take the time to be as sad as you want to be, before pushing it aside and moving on with your day.
  4. Exhaust Yourself. Hit the gym, go jogging, or immerse yourself in a 30-day yoga challenge – when you are physically exhausted, your body will be too tired to go through the roller-coaster that is your emotions of depression. Personally, I have found this route more effective when I am heartbroken than anything else. I swear, I looked absolutely fabulous after my last break up because I practically lived in the gym!

Sandy did suggest that I go to CARA or PAWS and rescue a new pet, but I felt that one of the reasons my furbaby had to leave was so I would have that freedom to travel and explore my possibilities. I will be putting my efforts into helping with CARA’s Save the Laguna Pitbulls in the meantime, at least until I feel ready to take on the responsibility of having a little puppy in my home again.

As for the romance department, well, Sandy did say something about falling in love later in the year, although I admit I do become quite skeptical when whenever any love interest is brought up. She didn’t want to tell me more – although she was very, very giddy – but that she was concerned that in my present state of grief I may just let that opportunity pass me by.

The Conclusion


Sandy isn’t a licensed psychiatrist, but a session with her always leaves me feeling a lot lighter than when I got there. Comforting and clarifying, she helped me move forward, out of my grief and into something a lot more productive by laying out the possibilities of my future as well as roadblocks I would need to learn from in order for me to overcome them. There were a lot of “Aha!” moments during the hour’s long tête-à-tête and most of what she read in the cards were spot on. I would definitely recommend Sandy to anyone who is going through experiences in life that they feel they need help or guidance, and sit back and watch Sandy lay on the truth until you cannot hide from it any longer, forcing you to face your demons, and coming out of it with clarity and a whole new mindset of approaching whatever it is that’s been troubling you.


Soulcard Reading Sessions by Sandy Allan are held at the Reading Room located in Cubao Expo and are by appointment only. Time slots are available from Tuesdays to Saturdays for Php 1,000/hour and Sundays at Php 1,500/hour. You may also choose to do a Skype reading available on Tuesday, Wednesdays, and Thursday at 11pm, 1am, 2am, 3am, and 4am (Philippine time) for $75/ hour. To book an appointment, please contact +63 917 522 2100 with your full name, contact number, and time and date of the reading at least 2 days before your preferred reading schedule.