When I think about astral travel, I think about those stories of people who wake up half asleep and are jolted up to see themselves floating out of their bodies, staring down at their sleeping form, panicking and trying to get back into their bodies for fear of floating away and never getting to return. This was practically every story I would hear from friends who had accidentally experienced astral travel, from the odd bit of esoteric news I would read in the paper (compliments of Jaime Licauco), and from my research about the topic online. It scared the begeesus out of me – and learning how to astrally project was exactly what I would be learning during my Advanced Intuitive Awakening workshop at Mysterium Philippines over the weekend.

I didn’t know whether I should be scared or excited, I tried my best to get the pre-programmed horror stories like Insidious out of my head, fully aware that our instructor, Robert Rubin, wouldn’t put us in harm’s way – the whole point of this exercise was to not fear the unknown and to trust yourself and the process.

Much like the Intuitive Awakening workshop I took a couple of weeks back, the general rule here was not to doubt – to not be scared, to trust the process, and to not try to filter what we saw, since it may not make any sense to you, but it might for someone in the room.

Pushing & Pulling Information


To get us started on trusting out gut, we started our day with an exercise on pushing and pulling information from people – whether it be pushing a feeling onto someone or pulling a movie title out of bits and pieces of information, it was good to know how it feels when someone tries to force something on you as opposed to someone trying to extract information without you knowing.

We did a fun exercise of trying to pull information from Rob and piece everything together to get the movie title. For some weird reason, I kept getting references to Game of Thrones – sibling rivalry, small people, fur, Renaissance costumes, sword fighting, etc. Turns out, the movie Rob was thinking was Star Wars! I never realized how similar the movie and the HBO series was until then – the twin rivalry, the ewoks, Queen Amidala’s costume, light sabers, etc. That was actually pretty brilliant, no?

Is the realization that you can project or extract information from other people pretty awesome? Hells yes, I felt like Jean Grey. Is it terrifying when you also realize how people can use this for their own evil agendas? Yes, even though I’m aware it all comes down to willpower – it’s terrifying to think there may be people out there who can easily push ideas into your head without having to resort to Inception-like tactics.

Astral Projection 101


Astral projection (or astral travel) is an interpretation of out-of-body experience (OBE) that assumes the existence of an “astral body” separate from the physical body and capable of travelling outside it. Astral projection or travel denotes the astral body leaving the physical body to travel in an astral plane.

I felt a little apprehensive about the astral projection exercises, mostly because of all the stories I had heard and read about people not being able to control when it happened or where they went off to in their astral form. Do I actually believe in stuff like this? Yes. Growing up, I hated visiting my grandparents in my province in Ibaan, Batangas, mainly because for some reason the environment there – we were basically up in the boonies, with nothing to do for the better part of the day and crickets and Tokay Gekos putting you to sleep at night – was conducive for astral travel. I would often find myself in a state of being conscious yet unable to move, and would often panic because I’d have no idea what was going on. This was actually me going unconsciously going into a Beta state and not being able to come out of it.

Rob taught us how to create our astral form away from our body so we would be aware of it and have better control of it as we tried to move around the room. I had a few realizations after going through the exercise:

  1. Instead of trying to forcefully project yourself into an out of body experience, it is safer to focus on creating your astral body beside you or behind you, so you don’t confuse yourself.
  2. I had no control over the astral body I was shaping. I expected it to look a lot like me, but it actually looked like a hulking Atlantian sentinel – like those guardians made out of rock in the Disney movie, Atlantis. Totally random, but I think this is my subconscious paying some sort of homage to one of my Atlantean past lives.
  3. It takes a lot of energy to do something as simple as walking around the room. I also had trouble breathing and felt very claustrophobic, like somebody stuffed me in a small box and I couldn’t get out. Rob said this was normal, it would feel like putting a football helmet on and walking around in it the whole day – all I needed was time to acclimate.
  4. We were asked to observe what we saw in some of the rooms at Mysterium, and a dark figure at the corner of Rob’s office caught my eye. It was creepy. My classmate at the workshop saw the same thing, and saw my astral body as well, which freaked him out a little bit. I’ll take that as affirmation that it isn’t just all in my head.

Chakra Diving


My classmate at the workshop and I had recently learned Level 1 Reiki, and this healing modality requires checking the energy levels of our client’s chakras too see which ones were producing too much energy, normal energy, or waning energy, so we would know where to focus the healing energy on. Chakra diving is an astral projection technique that takes looking at misaligned chakras (the ones with too much or too little energy) to a whole new level by having your astral body jump into the foggy chakra point to see the root cause of why the chakra is misaligned in the first place.

This was interesting, because when I created my astral body this time around it took the form of my dog, a Japanese Spitz, and I could actually only see up to a certain height, having to hop onto the table my classmate was lying down on, and hoping into his sacral chakra (also called the belly button chakra), to try to see what was causing the block. I saw my classmate being bullied by his family and schoolmates, even as a little boy. I saw him standing in a corner and a felt like he was a loner growing up, that nobody understood him, and felt that he was being verbally and emotionally abused by his parents because he didn’t “conform.” I could feel his pain, how he wished he could change who he was so his parents would love him, so he could feel accepted, but that being straight just wasn’t who he was. His sacral chakra, which is the seat of sexuality and creativity, was misaligned because of the trauma he went through growing up and being gay in a conservative family. As it turns out I was 99% right – his dad didn’t verbally or emotionally assault him, but he didn’t do anything to protect him either.

House of Doors


I also discovered that one could also use their astral body to learn more about themselves by going into their subconscious mind through an exercise Rob calls the House of Doors. Going into the exercise I found myself in a field of poppies (I found out later that Remembrance Day was coming up) with a brownstone with a red door in front that lead to a hallway with doors with symbols on either side. On the left was a green door with the symbol of money on it and on the right a pink door with the symbol of love etched on the front. Taking a look into each room, I discovered a few things about myself that I normally wouldn’t pay much attention to – simple things, like how I feel about money and my outlook when it comes to love.

Not So Scary After All


After the weekend workshop I realized that astral travel and astral projection are two different things. Astral travel is what happens when we dream – we visit loved ones that have passed away, visit other planets or planes of existence, etc. – while astral projection occurs when the conscious mind separates from the physical body and moves around, whether consciously or unconsciously. Once you learn how to astrally project out of your body and build up the spiritual stamina to move around for longer periods of time, chakra diving and visiting your house of doors becomes easier and you can stay for longer.

After the weekend course, I’ve been practice chakra diving and entering the spiritual waiting rooms of friends (another astral projection exercise I learned from Rob), and it surprises me how accurate my visions can be at times! I also discovered that the more open your client/friend is to the experience, the more accurate the reading is. If that person does not want to be read, the experience is like pulling teeth, leaving the poor sod with a migraine and me with the feeling of wanting to throw up. This is a great tool to have in your arsenal, especially if you are into healing work like life coaching, as it can help you get to the root of your client’s issues faster, making for a more effective session. I used to think that anything to do with astral projection was scary stuff, but realized that id doesn’t mean you have to leave your body, leaving you open to scary stuff like possession (which was what made me feel antsy before we started), but rather being in full control of your senses and creating a ‘watcher’ or ‘sentinel’ of sorts to walk around the astral plane on your behalf – kind of like your spiritual golem. And that, is pretty cool.

If you have taken up the Basic Intuitive Awakening course, sign up for the Advanced Intuitive Awakenings course (Php 5,000 – walk-in rate, Php 4,000 – early bird rate) next at Mysterium Philippines located at the Mezzanine Floor, Burgundy Place Condominium, Katipunan Avenue corner B Gonzales St., Quezon City. For inquiries, please call + 63 916 551 1824.
Robert Rubin has an undergraduate degree in the Fields of Mass Communication and Political Sciences, as well as taken Masteral courses in Conflict and Reconciliation studies from the University of Saint La Salle. Rob has worked as one of the four Lead Paranormal Investigators for GMA 7’s Misteryo, discussing topics ranging from possession to witchcraft and has also been featured in shows such as Imbestigador, Matanglawin, Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho, Sweet Life with Lucy Torres, and many others. He currently works as a professional esoteric consultant, helping people make decisions in their life by providing alternative routes and discussing potential outcomes. Rob is also a passionate advocate of responsible teaching and application of the esoteric arts.


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