Happy New Year, folks!

A new year has started and already feels like it’s whizzing by super fast! For the last few days of 2015, I’ve been busy setting personal and professional goals and planning out timelines on when to achieve them this year, I thought why not challenge myself to do the same for the blog, too!

Here are 5 of my big blog goals for Mucking Around Manila this 2016:

1. Explore the Philippines. I had voluntarily chained myself to a desk for most of last year, and although I did have a lot of fun and met a whole lot of fun people during my stint as the social media manager for the biggest superclub in the Philippines, I couldn’t put the time that I needed to travel. I’m doing away with that excuse this year and planning all my trips at least three months in advance.
2. Start taking pictures. I’ve relied heavily on Jericho to be taking most of the beautiful pictures on the blog, but with a lot of my travel plans this year being solo trips (and his insane shooting schedule), I need to rely on him less and starting shooting more.
3. Be in front of the camera from time to time. It’s funny how people keep asking why I don’t post pictures of myself on the blog. I enjoy my anonymity, but I can see how putting a face to a name can help people relate to the way I write a little more. I don’t even post pictures of myself on Facebook, so you could appreciate how I feel a little apprehensive posting pictures of myself on a public space.
4. Learn to use Lightroom. If Jericho isn’t editing the photos,  I usually do it on PicMonkey.  It makes for pretty decent photos, but it’s time I upped my game in the editing department – plus it would be a pretty useful skill to have!
5. Work with a foundation. Working with furbabies has become a passion of mine, and I’d really want to do something more with that as my way of giving back. Rescuing and owning dogs has helped me tremendously, especially after going through some serious depression four years back, I’d recommend this type of therapy to everyone who just needs a boost of happy!

So there you have it. I’ve already got a few trips planned for January, and am super psyched to be sharing it on the blog! Have I missed out on anything I should be adding as a goal for the year? If I have, let me know!