A New Moon Thanksgiving Concert with Lee Grane

After everyone had finished eating and settled down, Lee came up to the stage and started playing. How have I never heard of this woman before? What rock was I living under?! Her voice is amaaaazing! And all her original songs are about (or written under) full moons, which if you believe in angels and muses, is pretty special. Her rendition of Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah is probably one of my favorites.

New Age Supplies at Bodhi Shop in Tagaytay

I’ve recently discovered a magical place in Tagaytay hidden away inside a new developing village which is a home away from home for happy new age hippies such as myself. Relax and let your om mani paddle hum humming self relax and enjoy the fresh air, the plethora of books to get lost in, and discover new tools, crystals, and oils to enhance your current mindful meditation practice at the Bodhi Shop.