If you’ve ever been to my home, you’ll know that tea time is sacred for me. It’s that little patch of sunlight between dusk and dinner where I can dig into my big box of different teas and pick one that would be just right for my current mood, and whatever would best complement the jam, pâté, cake or pastry I have hiding away in the fridge.

Eunice Uy, the lady behind Chelcie’s Homemade Spreads, must’ve figured out my love for all things related to tea as she sent me over some of her spreads to try. She lent her second name to the all natural artisanal spreads made with no preservatives with two selections of fruit butters and spreads to choose from – Filipino and Western. Now break out the Darjeelings, Earl Greys, and your favorite stuffed animal darlings, I’m throwing a teddy bear’s picnic!




From the Filipino selection of spreads, you have three malinamnam choices: Spicy Longganisa, Homemade Salted Egg, and a Smoked Tinapa Pâté. I tried the Spicy Longganisa, which was a lot more sweet and savory than spicy, the mild heat kicking in towards the end. This is just the thing to give blah cucumber and watercress sandwiches a bit of zing! I have also been found spreading this atop crackers with a small pat of cream cheese, which just prolongs the taste of longganisa. Definitely up there as a favorite spread!




Chelcie’s Western selection has four interesting flavors to pick from: Spiced Indian Chicken, Roasted Chicken with Herbs, Wild Mushroom with Truffle, and Creamy Spinach and Dill. The Spiced Indian Chicken has a touch of garam masala which is quite the treat when spread onto crostinis, a pinch of parsley which brightens up the tea time treat immensely. Now pour out the vanilla chai and spill with the gossip!

Also, pairing the spreads with crisps (er, chips) is a novel idea – the Creamy Spinach and Dill going delightfully well with a packet of Lay’s Classic Potato Chips!

Aside from the spreads and pâtés, Chelcie’s Homemade Spreads also sell homemade artisanal tea-infused fruit butters, which you can have on toast for breakfast, on scones for tea, or even diluted in water with some ice and some mint for artisanal iced tea.




The Peach with Cinnamon Infused with Chamomile Tea is a treat, and will be a hit with kids and kids-at-heart who enjoy a sweet, jammy spread. The hint of chamomile is more of an after note in this fruit butter, with cinnamon being the flavor that stands out the most. Think Georgia peach right in the middle of summer, which also makes it ideal to add to minty iced teas!




I love me some coconut, so I just had to try the Pineapple Coconut Infused with Earl Gray Tea! Compared to the peach and cinnamon fruit butter, the texture is similar to that of marmalade, but a lot thicker from the desiccated coconut. Mmm… wonderful. It is not as sweet as one would expect, so the flavors balance out, and aside from spreading this on breads and pastries, this can also be a great alternative to atchara! I’ve tried this with pork barbecue and can say that it adds a lovely taste and texture on the common Pinoy party favorite.

Chelcie’s carries two other fruit butter flavors – Peanut Butter and Pear Infused with Jasmine and Strawberry Infused with Hibiscus Tea, both flavors I’m excited to try next, as I’m sure my current stash won’t last that long in the fridge. The homemade artisanal fruit butters and spreads are a hit at home with their unique flavor combinations and versatile uses!


Chelcie’s Homemade Spreads are sold at Chibi’s Kitchen at Evia Lifestyle Center and there are also pick up points for deliveries (Las Piñas-Alabang area, Shaw Boulevard, and Banawe) with a minimal delivery charge. Send them a PM on their Facebook fan page or text +63 995 128 7117 for inquiries and orders.