The Christmas trees are up, they’ve been playing Christmas songs since September, and finally, there’s a chill in the air. The holidays are officially upon us, and we’re all counting down the days ’til Christmas!

This is also the time of year that coffee shops and cafés come up with their own cheery holiday drinks, and one that’s not to be outdone is Kat’s Café. They had been busy relocating from BF Resort to the new Robinsons Place Las Piñas, for the past two months, and now that they’ve finally settled into their new home, owner Chef Katrece Gamo and Head Barista, Joseph Du, finaly had the time to putter around the kitchen, putting together their own delicious spin on comforting Christmas classic concoctions, as well as adding a few new items to the menu.




Sorry, there are no holiday frap options here, although they do have a festive Iced Chai made with anise, cinnamon, and cardamom – tummy-warming spices that put you in a Christmas-y mood. A take on last year’s favorite all-around spread, the Biscoff Latté  (Php 165) is poised to constantly give one warm, fuzzy feelings with each satisfying sip. The creamy, slightly gingery warm drink is made with Biscoff and topped with crumbled cookies and their special thick, whipped cream.

Can we talk about Kat’s Christmas mugs for a minute? They are too cute and super festive! They’re also really big, too, I could barely finish off my eggnog. And speaking of eggnog…

For Christmas purists, Joseph makes Traditional Eggnog (Php 165) from scratch for you to savor with your favorite cupcakes (this goes brilliantly with a Red Velvet). Warning: This is not for children. Eggnog is made with milk, sugar, raw eggs, and spices, and spiked with white rum that, in this instance, comes through with each sip. It would be best to ask your friendly barista for the non-alcoholic version of the drink if the mug is for your little one – they wouldn’t want to accidentally give your child a tipple!




I’ve been ordering these every time I’d see them out on the display case, so they aren’t really new, but Kat’s Taisan Loaf (Php 100) is deliciously moist, very light, and super fluffy. I was surprised at how reasonably priced it was too, and to my horror also realized I could get through half a loaf in one sitting! This Filipino chiffon cake is perfect with lemon curd and clotted cream, and also makes for excellent stocking stuffers.




Christmas isn’t complete without a minty chocolate brew, and Kat’s Mexican Peppermint Cocoa (Php 165) is a new favorite I’ll keep coming back for. Dark hot cocoa is spiced with a little cinnamon and chili flakes, the spicy kick lingering at the back of your throat, immediately covered by that thick layer of whipped cream dusted with crushed peppermint.

One of Kat’s newer food creations is the simple yet alluring  Panna Cotta (Php 125). Served in jewel-toned cups, the light, creamy dessert is finished with mango coulis and a delicate strawberry in sweet syrup, it looks like a glistening brooch, almost.  They have jeweled cups of Crème Brûlée (Php 125), too.




Kat’s Café has exploded on the food scene this year, with their deliciously creative execution on cupcakes, and this month they finally have enough space in their display to come out with actual cakes! The Strawberry Neapolitan (Php 160/ slice) balances a thick slice of surprisingly light strawberry cheesecake complimented with an equally thick base of chocolate cake with little chunks of brownies giving the cake its added texture. The whipped cream on top, which tastes more like really, really soft meringue, is the sweetest part of this dessert.

I am very proud, seeing this little shop grow from its quiet corner in BF Resort to where it is now at Robinsons Place, its menu slowly evolving, with the new items added giving me more reasons to go back. As an added treat, they have an ongoing Christmas Instagram Raffle and are giving out assorted boxes of cupcakes, which is just another reason to order those holiday drinks!


Kat’s Café is located at Robinsons Place Las Piñas, Alabang-Zapote Road, Las Piñas and is open daily between 9am – 9pm. For inquiries, please call +63 915 627 582.