When you find yourself in Bonifacio Global City in search of casual libations and crackin’ good bar grub, one need not look farther than Tipple & Slaw at The Forum. I stumbled across the sandwich shop-cum-bar after a tiring day of running errands in the city and was particularly looking for a bit of a tipple to brighten up my Friday night.

The first thing you’ll notice about the place is the excellent selection of chill music, enough to make you sit down and unwind without having to shout at the person next to you whilst in the middle of deep conversation. The next thing one notices is the minimalist decor – it feels like stepping into someone’s man cave than an actual bar.

Chef Francis Lim runs the kitchen, a young talented chef who reminds me of a cross between Jamie Oliver and Adam Richman, curing and marinating the meats himself, with the presentation of the dishing looking like something you’d get at your local pub. His other partners – Juano Gutierrez, Janus Naval and Marlo Naval – head up the other areas of the bar, leaving Chef Francis to reign supreme in the back of the house.




I was excited to see they had a Pastrami Sandwich (Php 450) on the menu, and started with that. The last time I had one was a few years back at Katz Delicatessen when I was in New York and that was a game changer for me. Chef Francis smokes the beef belly for 10 hours before slicing it up and serving the sarnie with pickles on top, spicy mustard and creamy horseradish, and a side of slaw. I found the pastrami to be way too tough to fully enjoy it – I felt like I was playing tug-o-war with the sandwich when I was trying to get a bite in, and halfway through I felt like a goat grazing on bubblegum for the next fifteen minutes. Not exactly what I was expecting.




Tipple & Slaw’s Umami Fries (Php 250) more than made up for the chewy pastrami, with piping hot French fries that have been drizzled in aromatic white truffle oi, smothered with a bit of black truffle paste, sprinkled with paper thin slices of katsuobushi (bonito flakes), roasted sesame, and slivers of nori, and served with Japanese mayonnaise. There is only one word to describe this: Amazeballs!




Let down by the first sarnie I ordered, I tried the Porchetta Sandwich (Php 350) the second time around. The pork belly is stuffed and roasted until it gets crispy and crackly on the outside while remaining soft and succulent on the inside, and is served with pickled onions, arugula, alfalfa sprouts, and a sweet and sticky balsamic syrup on Ciabatta bread. Served with crisps, this was absolutely a delight to eat, with the not-so-subtle crunch of the skin intermingled,the melt-in-your-mouth fat, and the tender meat, spices, and greens evoking different textures and flavor combinations, tantalizing your taste buds for just another bite. More onion pickle, please!




I spied the words Truffle Fried Chicken (Php 350) on the menu and just had to see if it was the real thing! Boneless chicken fillets are battered Southwestern-style before being fried a golden brown, served with chips, two big home-style biscuits, and a more than generous helping of white truffle gravy with a touch of paprika. So yes, this was definitely up to scratch!




Dessert was just superb, I was seriously considering ordering another Smores Ice Cream Sandwich (Php 180)! Imagine a thick bar with layes of Graham crackers, biscuit spread, and vanilla ice cream, all covered with an even thicker layer of chocolate fudge, and topped with mini toasted marshmallows. Gooey, fudgey, deliciousness on a plate is what that was. If you have to order just one thing on their menu, this is it.

Overall, I found the grub at Tipple & Slaw pretty affordable for the amount you get, and the cocktails aren’t half bad either, like their slushy Tipple Margarita (Php 270) and Spicy Mojito (Php 270). Being a wine-o, I found their house wine (Php 150/glass) to be pretty decent, which can be quite a challenge when going out to bars. I am definitely going back to try more of their stuff like the BBQ Beef Brisket (Php 450), Sisig Wrap (Php 280), Po’Boy (Php 300), and their Lobster Roll (Php 450), and find it wonderful to find a sandwich shop with hearty, proper sandwiches that’s worth shelling out a little extra over.


Tipple & Slaw is located at 2nd Floor of The Forum, 7th Avenue cor. Federacion Drive, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig. For inquiries or to reserve a table, please call +63 2 500 0882.