I have been a fan of Swiss Deli ever since they opened their doors in BF Homes Parañaque. Being a fan of their sausages and cold cuts, I pay them a visit at least once a month for rations of my favorite deli meats along with any fresh bread that might be delivered straight from Davao that day – I usually take home more than my fair share of Ciabatta, multigrain bread, German rye, banana bread, and big chunks of their chocolate crinkles.

Little did I know that my favorite deli haunt with a restaurant attached to it is actually a foodie institution back in Davao! The Parañaque branch is owned by the owner’s daughter and son-in-law, Rachel Kehl and her husband Jeffry Lua, and I met up with them and a few other friends to sit down to lunch with at the restaurant. the life-sized cow statue that welcomes guests is actually a gift from Rachel’s dad, a source of good luck if you will – it also makes for a good landmark to watch out for when cruising the length of Aguirre avenue.




For the most part, I’ve kept to the deli side of the establishment, and you can usually see me coming away with a few loaves of bread, pastrami and smoked ham slices, as well as a couple of packs of English bangers for breakfast when I pass by. They also sell other imported favorites like spicy mustard in tubes and all sorts of fruit teas – perfect for travelers looking for European creature comforts in the south. Believe me, if you live in the South long enough, the little things like certain flavors of tisane, special pickled olives, and bangers almost feels like luxury items!




Their cheese display is always very tempting –  I have had to remind myself a few times that eating a whole ball of buratta by myself at home is just sad, and have been looking for excuses to get my hands on one for the longest time! Buratta, fresh basil leaves, salt, and a little olive oil along with a loaf of sourdough and a bottle of white wine is all you really need to get a party started in my opinion. I feel that Swiss Deli has practically spoiled me with their variety of choices.




It was a scorching hot day and I was parched! Luckily, the restaurant also happens to have  refreshing cocktails on hand, like their Pomegranate Mojito (Php 110), a fizzy mocktail with muddled mint leaves, a splash of pomegranate juice, served with slices of lime.I must’ve finished all in one gulp as I had to order a Four Seasons (Php 135) shake to cool myself down.




Jeff brought out one of the most popular items on the menu to start off, the Sausage Platter (Php 390), for us to pick on while they prepared the other dishes. This is what Swiss Deli is famous for, and with good reason, too!  The platter includes a very German Veal Bratwurst, an all around favorite Hungarian Sausage, Frankfurter, and the English Banger.

I enjoy my English Bangers as a weekend fry up with baked beans, a sunny-side up egg, and toast, but this is best enjoyed with your mates and a few bottles of beer, pulutan style, while you watch the game.




I was chuffed that the guys at Swiss Deli executed their Cheese Fondue (Php 600) very well – the cheese being diluted with white wine instead of water or milk, and with a variety of cheese like Appenzeller, Emmental (aka Swiss Cheese), and Gruyère. It really isn’t that complicated to put together, which makes me wonder why so many restaurants here muck it up. If you’re having this with kids who won’t appreciate the wine-y aftertaste as much a you would, you could always let your server know you want it sans the vino.

Skewer a piece of bread (or sausage) with a fondue fork and give it a good slosh around the pot of melted cheese before waiting a few seconds and popping it in your gob. Delicious.




I was enjoying the fondue so much I was almost oblivious to the Mediterranean Pasta Salad (Php 165) that was placed right in front of me. I think it was supposed to be a sign.  This is their best-selling salad and is a hit with the more figure-conscious guests who dine at the restaurant. For an affordable salad, they are pretty generous when piling on the ingredients – a bed of ruffage topped with tomatoes, black olives, and penne pasta and drizzled with an Italian dressing.

I was delighted at how affordable the dishes at Swiss Deli are, and the Pork Knuckles (Php 385) was the star of that afternoon. While the Swiss actually boil the pork knuckles ’til fork tender, Jeff shared that they wanted to keep the Filipino way of enjoying this dish – cured and deep-fried ’til the skin is crackly and crisp – yet served with its German stodge of sauerkraut and potatoes.




Last on our list of main dishes to eat is the ever popular Marinated Beef Ribs (Php 300). One plate serves up three big pieces of fork-tender beef ribs with lots and lots of their marinade-turned-sauce and a side of spätzle. This is pretty good on its own, but I’m afraid the Pork Knuckles and Cheese Fondue just outshone it that afternoon.




For dessert, we enjoyed generous portions of authentic Apple Strudel (Php 120) ala mode, baked in Davao and flown in every few days or so. I’m assuming the restaurant based in Davao has a bigger kitchen that it’s Parañaque counterpart, as all of the restaurant’s baked goods come from there.




Lastly, we had Carrot Cake (Php 120) – it was moist with a cream cheese frosting topped with crushed almonds and pistachios, making it a bit more special than what you can get out of the supermarket. This is quite good and big for the price tag, but I’m afraid the apple strudel is what won me over.

Overall, I am glad I got to try the restaurant part of Swiss Deli in BF Homes, Parañaque. They are reasonably priced, with good value for money, and the food is true to the Swiss and German roots, with a little Filipino ingenuity thrown in, which makes for a pretty enjoyable meal, and a great place to bring my expat friends in Alabang who have been craving for a taste of home without having to go to Makati’s Old Swiss Inn for some fondue fun.

Swiss Deli Restaurant is located at 321 Aguirre Avenue, BF Homes, Parañaque, an open from 10am – 10pm from Monday to Friday, and 8am – 10pm on Saturdays and Sundays. For inquiries or to make a reservation, please call + 63 2 985 0017 or +63 2 985 0028.