A gift is always better when it comes from the heart, when it is something unique, when it is something you personally put the time into making. This Valentine’s Day, Kat’s Café at the new Robinsons Place in Las Piñas let’s you go creatively crazy with their decorate-a-cupcake palette! Start with one plain chocolate cupcake with thick cream frosting and come up with the prettiest, most Pinterest-worthy cupcake design you can think of with the help of romantic heart toppers and colored sprinkles to give to your loved one – be it your significant other, your parents, siblings, or that forever single friend that needs a bit of cheering up when the Hallmark holiday rolls around.

If you’re not one for cupcakes, maybe the café’s new selection of mouthwatering cakes would get you in the mood for sharing a slice (or hoarding a whole cake, depending on how bad a sweet tooth you’ve got), and Kat’s new flavors do not disappoint and is totally worth the trek to the middle of Las Piñas for.




The Tres Leches at Kat’s Café is put together with a moist, butter base that’s been soaked in three kinds of milk (hence the name): evaporated milk, condensed milk, and heavy cream. The cake is encapsulated in even more light cream and finished with half a slice of torched peach, leaving a sweet note on the taste buds without the cake being to cloying.




Red velvet has been a big trend in the past few years, and Kat’s version is oh-so-moist and a tantalizing shade of crimson, without compromising the rich taste in each bite. The Red Velvet Cake is covered with a thick cream cheese frosting, dusted with ruby-hued cake crumbs, and presented with silver metallic dragées scattered atop the piped rosettes.




Veering away from the traditional blueberry and strawberry cheesecake varieties, Kat’s makes the most of the fruit the country is in abundance of – golden Philippine mangoes. The Mango Cheesecake is made even more decadent with a Biscoff base, a drizzle of caramel, and almond flakes.

There are a few other surprises in the works at the café, as they are always trying to outdo themselves with their cakes and savory dishes. Being one of the lucky ones to be privy to the yummy experiments that come out of the creative kitchen, Kat’s Café is introducing two new sammiches on Valentine’s Day:




I could not get enough of the ooey gooey Grilled Cheese Sammich that comes with a side of thick, creamy tomato soup. Pan-fried using four different cheeses sticking to the outside of the sandwich as the inside, taking a half and giving it a good dunk into the tomato soup, fishing out some of the diced tomatoes in the process, makes for one of my favorite comfort foods.

For those seeking out something more sophisticated, the Monte Cristo Sammich gives you just that. Kat’s variation on the  croque-monsieur, the slabs of French toast also hide a rich ham and cheese filling, accompanied by a cherry dip, cutting through the saltiness of the cured pork. This goes particularly well with a cold, refreshing drink, like a Mango-Strawberry Shake.




Another not-so-secret cake currently in the works is this deliriously delicious matcha and black sesame cake, made with a brownie-like base and finished with a dollop of cream, a dusting of matcha powder, and a sesame brittle fan. Warning for matcha lovers: This is not something that is to be shared. This is something you keep to yourself, to slowly savor and cherish ’til every last bit of it is gone, before unashamedly going back to order more. I don’t know when they’ll be rolling out this delicious monstrosity, but I hope it’s soon!

This Valentine’s Day, make a date to meet at Kat’s Café at Robinsons Place Las Piñas and get tuck in with one of their new sammiches, cakes, or decorate-a-cupcake! Don’t forget to upload your masterpiece on Instagram and tag @katscafeph together with the hashtag ‪#‎valentinesatkatscafe2015‬ for a chance to win a dozen of their delectable cream puffs!


Kat’s Café is located at Robinsons Place Las Piñas, Alabang-Zapote Road, Las Piñas and is open daily between 9am – 9pm. For inquiries, please call +63 915 627 582.