There are a couple of things one needs to understand before booking a Tarot reading session. Firstly, no matter what comes up in the cards, you are still in charge of your destiny. The cards are only there to show you one possible outcome if you continue on the way you presently are. And secondly, your Tarot reading would go over better if you came into it with an open mind and treat them like a human being. Challenging the Tarot reader is just plain rude and treating them like some kind of genie in a bottle is even more so.

People get Tarot reading read for a lot of reasons, like when you feel like you’re stuck in a rut, as the Tarot can be quite effective at suggesting new directions you could explore. When starting a new phase in your life, as some people like to get their Tarot readings done close to a significant event – like a birthday – as the Tarot reading might be able to suggest what changes are coming, what themes are going to be more important, and what directions you should be exploring. Another reason could be when considering a major decision. I don’t think any sane person would expect a Tarot reading to make the decision for you, but it could highlight the most important issues to consider, or possible outcomes of particular directions, and even suggest factors that haven’t been considered properly.




Rob Rubin, the founder of Mysterium Philippines, has been reading Tarot cards for the past 18 years. You could just imagine how many people he’s read, so you know this guy is legit. He has also had stints as the Lead Paranormal Investigator for GMA 7’s series, Misteryo, discussing topics ranging from possession to witchcraft and has also been featured in may local shows such as Imbestigador, Matanglawin, Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho, Sweet Life with Lucy Torres, and many others. Rob is also very sweet, and was very patient with me when I chatted with him some more after an insightful Tarot reading session about debunking Tarot misconceptions and stories from some of his more memorable clientele.


… on the misconceptions people have about Tarot cards and Tarot readers

For every client the misconception changes. For those who never had a reading before, they are afraid to hear bad news, or that someone will die. I’ve seen some rather praning (paranoid) clients freak out when some cards show up within a reading. Other people have the habit of thinking that what they hear from the reading is “written in stone” and that they can not change their fates. I’m very adamant in explaining to my clients that this is never true and the final decider of your fate is always yourself. Lastly, the most common misconception we get about Tarot readings is “It is work of the devil!”, but in those cases I just ignore them.


… on the many fake Tarot readers (i.e. the Quiapo experience) and how to spot a real one from con artists
Many people see Tarot readings as a quick way of making money. They assume that through the trust given during a session they can gain a lot of money and prestige easily. Although this is possible its not something that can be done over night. The Quiapo experience shows us a common tactic I discussed in my book DEFENSIVE OCCULTISM, which is called ‘mis-fortunetelling’, where the less benevolent readers charge low for the session (usually only P50 to P100), but will inject doom and misfortune within the reading, thus scaring the client. And only through purchase of some random cure worth a ridiculous amount will they be “saved.” In cases like this, a con is already taking place. If you feel someone is hard selling you a cure you may not need, then you likely are being manipulated. I like to tell my clients, better to get a second opinion than to throw your money on something that won’t work.


… on why do some predictions come true while others don’t
The one being read controls their fate not the reader/mystic/oracle, etc. If a Tarot reader said, “Next month you’re going to get into an accident on a plane,” you can choose not to ride a plane all month long. You can still control the outcome of your own destiny. It’s important to remember that Tarot readers show the trajectory of a persons life, but not the destination!


… on the creepiest Tarot reading he had ever done
This is a good one. I remember reading at a clients home and I realized that during the reading the air conditioner kept turning on and off. After a while I noticed that the windows began to fog up and out of nowhere hand prints appeared! Apparently, our reading was attracting the presence of spirits. When I said, “Hey dude, I’m your friend. Peace!”, we heard something sit down behind us. *Goosebumps*


… on the funniest Tarot reading he had ever done
I find the praning (paranoid) clients funny to work with because you can see the look on their face when they feel your gonna tell them that they will be attacked and haunted by the spirits of the underworld! What I did during one of these readings, was I said, “OMG, you’re gonna die!” Of course, the person freaked out, only for me to say, “Of course you are. We’re all gonna die. I never said right now.” I’m just a troll at times.


… on whether or not one can be a Tarot reader and still be a good Christian/Catholic/Muslim/Buddhist

It’s a trade craft, not a religion. Divinatory systems exist all around the world. The question is, are you going to let dogma get in the way of learning something? Technically people shouldn’t be allowed to learn Shao-Lin Kung Fu unless they’re a Shao-Lin Monk, but obviously things have changed. We’re in the year 2014 not 1014.


… on whether Tarot reading is something you’re born with

I am adamant about the fact that anyone and everyone can learn it. Some people will be better at it than others, but that does not mean you couldn’t develop your gift for it. Hard work beats talent when talent refuses to work hard.


… on advice for people who want to learn how to read Tarot cards

Start with the Rider Waite Smith Deck – it’s a good deck for beginners. And then learn not only how to read the cards, but how to deal with different kinds of clients. Lastly, know your limits. Reading for 15 people can be more exhausting than a three hour work out – believe me!


… on people who deem Tarot reading to be a bunch of hokey

If that’s how you feel, then don’t ask me for a reading. 🙂


… on what you should take from a Tarot reading session

It should ALWAYS end on a positive note. People come to you and pay you for news and for clarity. If you feel you didn’t get that, then obviously you didn’t have a good session – its the Reader’s job to make the session clear and enjoyable. More importantly. treat your Tarot reader like a person, not an object.


Tarot reading can be a fun and different way to going about decision making, and once you’ve found a Tarot reader you can trust, you’ll just keep on going back again and again, like one would to a reputable a feng shui master. But wouldn’t it be even more impressive if you could read the cards yourself? Book a Tarot Reading with Rob Rubin (Php 2,500/reading) or learn and understand the basics of Tarot reading with Introduction to Tarot (Php 2,500) at Mysterium Philippines located at the Mezzanine Floor, Burgundy Place Condominium, Katipunan Avenue corner B. Gonzales St., Quezon City. For inquiries, call + 63 916 551 1824.


Robert Rubin has an undergraduate degree in the Fields of Mass Communication and Political Sciences, as well as taken Masteral courses in Conflict and Reconciliation studies from the University of Saint La Salle. Rob has worked as one of the four Lead Paranormal Investigators for GMA 7’s Misteryo, discussing topics ranging from possession to witchcraft and has also been featured in shows such as Imbestigador, Matanglawin, Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho, Sweet Life with Lucy Torres, and many others. He currently works as a professional esoteric consultant, helping people make decisions in their life by providing alternative routes and discussing potential outcomes. Rob is also a passionate advocate of responsible teaching and application of the esoteric arts.