So imagine you’re planning an out of town escape, away from the heat, away from the traffic, away from your phone that’s constantly ringing, buzzing, and beeping. Just you and that special someone for two days of quiet and tranquility. Let’s say you #DesignYourSummer, got a good deal on Deal Grocer for an overnight stay at T House Tagaytay with a much needed soul-soothing massage for two during your stay as well, and decide to make the most of your day by hitting the road early, stopping by Nuvali for a quick side-trip. What do you do there so early in the morning?

Why, breakfast. Of course.



The Early Bird Breakfast Club is a spot of sunshine at Solenad 3, radiating positivity and warmth with their ‘Gram-worthy interiors of millennial pinks, sage greens, canary yellows, and little accents that give the place a homey, English cottage appeal. Teaming up with Deal Grocer, they’ve come up with a breakfast bundle that includes a British classic, a twist on classic flavors, and a sweet Pinoy breakfast favorite you’ll be fighting over for.



The Full English (₱485) itself is already good for sharing, imho. The ultimate hangover cure turned into the perfect breakfast plate to share, this is just the thing to tide you over from your ride from Manila to Tagaytay or Batangas. The solitary English banger is pretty hefty, albeit a little fatty for my taste, also served with crispy bacon, seasoned mushrooms, ripe grilled tomatoes, two eggs (sunny-side up or scrambled) that hide all those glorious chunks of potatoes underneath, proper baked beans, and a your choice of either fried or toasted bread to mop up the mess with. Delicious. And quite filling – I only managed to get through a quarter before throwing in the towel.



Another best-seller at Early Bird is their Sweet and Spicy Tuyo Fettuccine (₱280), a mashup of two of Filipinos’ favorite things: pasta and tuyo (dried herring). Now, while seeing tuyo in pasta isn’t anything revolutionary, their signature sweet and spicy tuyo, which you can also buy in bottles, the simple aglio olio keeps to the very Pinoy flavor combination of garlic and red onion, garnished with a sprinkling of chopped spring onions. Personally, I found this to be too salty for my taste, but Jericho gobbled everything up just fine.

My absolute favorite the quaint all-day breakfast spot is their Yin & Yang Champorado (₱275), the rice pud made with rich Belgian dark chocolate and Belgian white chocolate and served with dilis (dried anchovies) on the side for that true Pinoy sweet-meets-salty flavor combo we can’t get enough of. Served to look like the yin and yang symbol, scoop up the little dots of dark and white Belgian chocolates and enjoy the sensation of each one melting in your mouth. You can enjoy each flavor separately, the dark chocolate being slightly bitter and the white being a lot sweeter, mix everything together, or sprinkle the dilis on top before getting a spoonful in. I like to savor each individual flavor, taking a few bites of dilis every now and again, and before I’ve realized it, I’ve polished off the entire serving!

Get this 3-Course Bestsellers for 2 at Deal Grocer for ₱730 instead of ₱1,120. #DesignYourSummer and make the most of the upcoming long weekend (thank you, ASEAN Summit!) to a trip down south, check into a nice hotel, take in the gorgeous landscape, relax with soothing massage, enjoy a romantic dinner for two, and cuddle with a hot cup of coffee, tea, or cocoa to wind down the day. But first, breakfast.


Early Bird Breakfast Club is located on the ground floor of Solenad 3, Nuvali Santa Rosa-Tagaytay Road, Don Jose, Santa Rosa, Laguna and is open daily from 7am to 10pm. For inquiries and table reservations, please call +63 49 258 0833.