My favorite Filipino restaurant in BF Homes has undergone a makeover.

Whenever I get that craving for good, belly-filling Filipino food, I’d go to Orange Whisk. Situated along Aguirre Avenue right beside The Penthouse and Tooth & Go in BF Homes Parañaque, this restaurant offered a variety of different comfort dishes along with a few international favorites. Owned by husband and wife team, Seya and Korinne Ortega, they decided to revamp the restaurant, giving it a more familiar sounding name, and so Sinigang was born.

Upon walking into the spacious restaurant, one can still see remnants of the old and familiar Orange Whisk in it’s predominantly colored decor and the literal orange colored whisks hanging from the ceiling and the layer upon layer of mouthwatering pastries that line the countertop by the entrance way. Chefs Seya and Korinne’s medals from various cooking competitions decorate one side of the restaurant. By now, the waiters are familiar faces and I usually already know what to order, but since I had promised myself to be a bit more adventurous this year, we decided to shake it up a little bit.

Chef Seya’s passion for food is evident in his Kansi Laman (Php 260) also known as “sour bulalo,” he adds a few other vegetables to the Visayan staple for added color. I had a quick chat with Seya before the re-branding, and he shared how he visited far-flung provinces for inspiration for most of the dishes, wanting to keep the flavors true to each particular region, and was thinking of growing plants like batuan, libas, and bignay – local soup souring agents. A mouthful of this blissfully balanced soup can make your mouth water and your lips pucker at the same time.




I didn’t know what libas was, at first, but the Sinigang na Salmon sa Libas (Php 325) sounded really good! A common sight in the Bicolano kitchen, the boiled libas leaves give the soup it’s sour and mildly tart taste. And here I thought sinigang was only limited to sampaloc and gabi leaves. While most Filipinos would never think to eat this without a big bowl of rice, I love to slurp this down as is, with the flaky salmon almost disintegrating in my mouth.




While the Pampangese can be a tad territorial with their sisig, Seya does them justice with Sinigang’s Inadobong Sisig (Php 265). In fact, he’ll do you one better. You can do away with the tacky bottle of Knorr seasoning when tucking into this particular platter of happy pig parts (ears, snout, and cheek), the chef has already seasoned it for you. All you need is a good squeeze of calamansi and add in a little bit of the fiery hot bird’s eye chili for extra heat.




If you didn’t already know, Orange Whisk also makes pretty great bagnet. So what’s better than ordinary bagnet? Why, Lechon Bagnet (Php 375), of course! You can literally hear which tables order this stuff from the loud crunching and sighs of happiness from the guests. This is definitely one of those dishes that you’d want to devour with extra rice.




Probably my favorite new discovery that has dethroned my love for Sinigang’s Bagnet Kare-Kare is their Bistek Kitayama Wagyu Salisbury (Php 280). I can polish off a whole platter of this stuff by myself if I wanted to. The kitayama beef is so tender you can cut everything up with a fork, while the sauce has the perfect balance of sweet and garlicky, not at all salty. I really didn’t want to share.

Another Filipino dish that will make your taste buds sing is Sinigang’s Ginisang Hipon sa Bawang at Taba ng Talangka. This is rich and utterly sinful, with the crab fat just wrapping itself around each fat piece of prawn, the garlicky sauce just begging to be mopped up with a piece of bread extra rice.

I have to hand it to the Ortega’s. They make you realize just how exciting Filipino food can really be. I’d recommend this place to families wanting to sit down to a big dinner, balikbayans who want a different take on their ‘taste of home’, as well as expats and tourists who want to taste the flavors of the Philippines without having to leave the south. Parañaque is so near the airport, after all!


Sinigang is located at 162 Aguirre Avenue, BF Homes, Parañaque and is open daily from 11:30am to 10pm. For inquiries and reservations, please call +63 2 738 7627