Back in September of last year, the fab ladies of Flow Retreats partnered with the beautiful ladies of Holy Carabao to host Flow In the Farm, which was a fantastic time for everyone! So, they decided to do it again. Last Saturday, Flow In the Farm part deux took place at The Farm Shed at the Acacia Waldorf School in Sta. Rosa, Laguna, with lots of fun activities for the kids, workshops for both the young’uns and their parents, holistic food vendors, and interesting little stalls at the eco market that sold everything from grow kits to all natural sunblock.



The Farm Shed is partially hidden away at Hacienda Elena – from the south super highway, exit at the Eton toll gate and make a left when you see the Sta. Elena sign on the left, opposite Vista Mall. Follow the signs in and let the guard on duty know where you’re headed and park at either the school  or one of the shady areas along the road. When commuting, I suggest taking a shuttle to Tagaytay from Festival Mall, getting off at Vista Mall to cross the street, and taking two tricycle rides into the Hacienda Elena – tell the tricycle drivers you’re headed for Acacia Waldorf School.



I arrived a little later than I wanted that morning with Jericho, as we were both feeling under the weather, but went anyway since we had a lot of fun the last time, we didn’t want to miss out. After registering and walking around, we spied the booth of Starr’s Brew Kombucha Elixer, and had a bottle of Hibiscus and GunTum each. Within a few minutes we were both feeling a lot better! Your gut really is the seat of your health, and drinking a bottle of kombucha a day really works in creating that happy tummy and balanced body. #buchalove



Over at The Farm Shed Cafe, one of the first workshops of the morning was happening, and that was the Pantry Makeover with Hindy Weber and Melanie Teng-Go. I honestly had never really given much thought as to what I kept in my pantry, and thought eating a lot of organic fruit and vegetables and cutting down on refined carbs like white rice was all I needed to life a relatively healthy life. As it turns out, there’s a lot more to it than that. Being aware of mercury levels in fish and other seafood, for example, was an eye opener. Learning what tofu really is and the effects on the body, was another. Realizing how much salt goes into soy, even light soy, left me feeling a bit queasy.



After the pantry makeover talk, I went around the eco market and stopped at whatever would catch my eye. Being a novice container gardener (you can check out the progress of my vegetables and herbs on Instagram at _iamkathi), I work with seedlings more than growing plants from actual seeds. Sow & Gro‘s kits are a great starter for those who want to learn how to grow and take care of a plant. I highly suggest people start with basil, but they also have tomatoes, cilantro, lettuce, sunflowers, and a few more varieties for their customers to try.



Going around, I stopped by Botanicals in Bloom for a few bars of organic soap. I’m a total sucker for anything to do with chocolate, and their Vanilla and Chocolate Tablea Soap makes me smell like a bar of melted Cadbury, so I got a few bars for myself. Their Shea Butter and Coconut Milk Soap reminded me of lazy days in Boracay, so I also scored a few more bars just in case I end up eating the first ones. Lol.



I’ve always been a fan of crystals and semi-precious stones, and the healing energies they lend us, so of course I gravitated to The Mala Tree‘s little stall to look for something I would be drawn to. Jericho walked away with a new howlite bracelet and adventurine and sodalite  tumbled stones, while I got myself a rose quartz and lapiz lazuli tumbled stones to keep in my bag to help with healing and grounding.



Roaming around the farm, we caught Mansy Abesamis teaching Sun Printing in the fresh outdoors, making framable art with materials from the outdoors. I find that there really is something magical with crating organic, holistic art using organic materials, and respecting Mother Nature while creating is the icing on the cake.



I think I must’ve taken more food items home, with all the delicious healthy products up for sale. Yogi Brunch had an especially delicious selection of patés, sauces, and pestos, and I went home with bottles of Channa Hummus, Two Mushrooms Aglio Olio, and Chicken Pistachio Paté. They’ve been great breakfast options with melba toast or a good sourdough, along with my usual cup of tea, and fresh fruit.



Another great discovery was In a Nutshell, which sold gourmet, artisan vegan cheeses. Two of them tickled my fancy, and with my *trying* to make healthier life choices, and cutting down on dairy is a roadblock that I have yet to overcome. The Garlic and Herb Boursin-style was pretty good, albeit a lot more crumbly than the real deal, made from cultured Palawan nuts, with a strong cheesy flavor. Another winner in my book is their Cranberry, Nut, and Rosemary Chèvre which is diary-free, gluten-free, and a good source of probiotics. With its sweet and savory flavor, perfect for salads, bagels, or melba toast.



The little petting zoo at the farm had evolved since the last Flow In the Farm a few months back, and they unveiled the very colorful Bunny Barangay, with its spacious living accommodations for the growing bunny family, who not only entertain the children, but help naturally fertilize the crops on the farm, as well.



As the sun started to go down and the weather started to cool down, I walked by a Vinaigrette Workshop with Yogi Brunch, and it was interesting to see how she does away with soy sauce and other ingredients that have too much salt or preservatives in exchange for tamari and liquid aminos.



The last kiddie workshop for the day was the Playdough Workshop with DōTerra Essential Oils and Denise Bernardo, a lovely hands on activity that involves lots of goopy fun for everyone involved. It is quite something to watch parents bonding with their children over activities that don’t involve a mobile phone or a TV screen.



The last talk of the day was Mindful Marketing for Homepreneurs with Gov Daswani, and talked about finding your truth and growing your handmade business. I like the very casual, practical way he explained concepts and tackled questions with relatable examples. It was an eye-opening talk for business owners running their start ups out of their home – everything from how to organize your day to getting rid of distractions. All around, a really good talk.



There were a lot of interesting new finds at Flow In the Farm this time around, and being surrounded by the same familiar crowd, it felt more like a meeting between friends than anything else. The community is open and embracing of anyone who is willing to be a part of it, and you can really feel the good energy the farm exudes.

This was another fantastic day at Flow In the Farm, and again, I am already excited for the next one!