I haven’t done an esoteric post in a while, but this is something really special that I think this is just the thing you’d want to gift yourself or a loved one this Christmas – an opportunity for you to meet the angels and spirit guides that are currently helping you become the best version of yourself as well as help you through certain points in your life where there are lessons to be learned or a turning point in which you would be needing extra guidance.

I had first read about the concept of spirit guides in one of Jaime Lichauco’s books. He was giving a workshop and one of his intuitive students could see an old Chinese man standing behind him while he gave his lecture. Later on, when I was in college, one of my classmates shared how her grandmother had this habit of leaving out food on a small platter by the door each night for her dwende friend. This was something she had done since she was a child and she believed the little gnome was what has kept their family business so successful. Our spirit team comes in a variety of different forms that range from the angelic, the form of loved ones who have crossed over, elementals, star families, and even animals that hold a special meaning in your life.

Over the years, I have come to recognize a few of my guides, like Archangel Azrael,who helped put me on this path of spiritual discovery to begin with, so discovering who my other guides were seemed to be the natural progression. My dad, who had passed away six years ago, is also one of my spirit guides, and he is around watching me grow into the best version of myself.

Jammi the Lightworker


I had come to know of Jamila Nedjadi through like-minded friends and acquaintances who had had sessions with her in meeting their angels and spirit guides, and eventually got in touch with her to schedule an afternoon one-on-one reading with her at Mondo Juice along Rada Street. You can find Jammi working out of Makati on most days, with one day of the week at White Space in Quezon City. She owns the website, Stone & Moon, and offers a variety of readings and reiki healing sessions, but her Meeting your Angels and Spirit Guides service is her specialty. Given all the lovely comments I was getting from friends, I was not at all apprehensive, but rather excited to meet her, and I was not disappointed. Jammi is lovely, articulate, and just a happy energy to be around. We talked for a long while after my reading about how she discovered her lightworker gift, the oddest guides that have come forward to introduce themselves to her clients, and how she’s managed to turn her gifts into a full-time job. I mean, just how awesome is it to talk to angels and spirit guides for a living?

The Reading


Before coming to the reading, Jammi had already communed with the guides that want to introduce themselves and they had picked out a specific tarot and oracle deck chosen for the reading. Given that I had never met her before, the decks she chose were perfect for me. We used the gorgeous Linestrider tarot deck, that spoke to creative intuitives such as myself, with the delicate pen and watercolor images – a deck I had been wanting to buy for myself since I laid eyes on them – as well as Sacred Geometry Oracle Deck, geometric patterns that I have based many a tattoo idea on.

Jammi explained how I had a total of eight guides working with me at this particular point in my life, but for now, only three of them wanted to step forward and introduce themselves. The process is somewhat like an intense intuitive tarot session – you shuffle both decks and pick a certain number of cards – in my case six tarot cards and three oracle cards. With each card, Jammi ‘downloads’ (for lack of a better word) the information – one card to introduce the guide, another to revel how they help you, and another to explain their purpose in your life.

The Archangel


The first of my spirit guides to introduce themselves was Archangel Metatron, an angel who I who I know has been helping me with the more esoteric parts of spiritual growth for the past several years. With all the information that has been coming through, I have felt like someone had thrown me into the deep end of the pool and I am just starting to learn how to swim, and Jammi advised that this was my guide’s way of preparing me for sometime mid next year, and I may end up teaching what I am currently learning.

This particular guide is here to help me with lesson plans and teaching me to connect with my divine self to open up more opportunities. Jammi advised that now is the best time for me to work on a project I’ve been wanting me start, but that I shouldn’t forget to take a break every now and then, as mental rest is equally important, too. Metatron is also assisting in the aspect of growth – looking at the bigger scale of things and taking care of the nitty gritty details, and wants to let me know that I should have faith in my decisions. Jammi also mentioned that for some reason the number three is important. “Maybe something to do with three classes or three venues for learning?” she asked.

Something totally random that I didn’t expect was that this particular guide is apparently also concerned about my power dressing. “What power dressing?” I asked. “I dress like a hippie when I’m not in shorts and a tank top on most days, and I loathe wearing anything corporate.” Jammi explained that the message she was getting was that I should do something drastic, like change my hair color, to kind of set off a beacon of sorts. I found this amusing, as I had been contemplating coloring my hair rose gold for over the past year, I just haven’t found a colorist willing to do it.

The Spirit Zoo


Jammi took a while trying to figure out what kind of guide this was – she said it was a stream of different spirit animals and it was taking her a while to hold the final image in her head. As it turns out, the reason behind it was because I had  not just one spirit animal, but a spirit animal zoo of sorts. She said this particular group was lead by an elephant – which happens to be the shamanic spirit animal I had discovered during my Intuitive Awakening course at Mysterium Philippines – and a monkey, which I have a hunch is the reason behind all my good luck.

Jammi let me know my spirit zoo was there to help me deal with people who are dishonest. There will be people who will be coming into my life who are there for the wrong reasons, and they are there to help me understand those people more – I will meet skeptics exploring the esoteric and I will come up against people whose egos are bigger than themselves. This goes back to my life contract of teaching, as the universe is changing and more people are awakening. Jammi patiently explained how one of my jobs here is to help ‘unlock’ people – their interest and excitement in learning about their higher selves and tapping into the energy of the divine.

On how to communicate with this particular set of guides, Jammi explained how there was a ‘pass the message’ thing going on – I let the elephant (my shamanic spirit animal) know what I need. and she will in turn tell the monkey, who will then run off an find the right spirit animal in my zoo of sorts that fits the job. While Jammi usually tells you your spirit guide’s name, she left this out because you name your spirit animal, much as how you name your pets.

The Gatekeeper


My understanding of a gatekeeper is that spirit guide who has been with us since birth, the one that always keeps you safe and protected, taking charge of your space unless there is an experience you need to learn something from, which is the only time they will allow certain events to take place. Personally, this was the most interesting guide for me, and I was happy that Jammi confirmed his existence for me.

After turning over the last card, Jammi explained how this particular guide has been my lover/partner/husband for quite a few lifetimes, continuously helping me with my soul mission. This made total sense, as I have been aware of my Twin Flame in the spirit world since I was in high school. Jammi went on to say how this is around my 27th time to reincarnate as a human being, and he has been by my side in every single once except for this one. She couldn’t quite pronounce his name, but did say that the closest translation that came to mind was Leonias –  to mean heart of a lion. She shared that he wanted to reintroduce himself and to give me a beautiful message – to remind me that my heart was big enough to contain galaxies, which is why I was sent here to begin with. Aside from acting as my spiritual bodyguard, Jammi also let me know that when I finally decide to welcome some romance into my life, I could ask him for help.

The Conclusion


Meeting my spirit team made for an incredibly interesting afternoon! Aside from introducing me to my angel and spirit guides, you can also take advantage of your guides by asking any questions you may have about just about anything you’d want to know about them, issues you may have in your life, or other things you may want to know about them. I had a few questions about family, work, and other possible business ventures that my guides gave lots of insight on through Jammi. After wrapping up our very long talk and upon further reflection, I realized that I have known about most of my angel and spirit guides to begin with, so having Jammi name them one by one was confirmation that it isn’t something that’s all in my head. Meeting with Jammi also gave me a better understanding of why they were in my life to begin with, their names, and how I can build a better relationship with them moving forward.

Jammi offers grounded advice, practical solutions, and unconditional support. Our guides are always available to us, ready to offer guidance and fulfill whatever requests me may have. We all have the ability to meet our angels and guides, but for a lot of people, there’s a lot of self-doubt and uncertainty to work through. You can schedule to meet up with Jammi for a one-on-one spirit team meeting or she can send you a PDF complete with images and about 3,000 words of clarity and guidance that includes:

  • The names of all your guides, what their nature is (i.e. angel, animal, spirit, elemental, etc.), and what they look like.
  • What they want to help you with, and how you can recieve their help.
  • How to begin communicating with each of your guides, including special step-by-step instructions. Each guide may have a different way of connecting with you and some connections may change over time.
  • How to grow your relationship inthe future.
  • What messages your guides may have for you.
  • Full page photos of whatever intuitive tools your guides have chosen to work with – tarot cards, oracle cards, crystals, etc.


This really is something quite special! If you think you’d want to get to know the angels and spirit guides that have been helping you along your life path, this is definitely something to consider. if you already know your spirit team, feel free to share who they are in the comments below! For inquiries about Jammi’s services and workshops, please contact her on her website, Stone and Moon.