I’ve recently discovered a magical place in Tagaytay hidden away inside a new developing village which is a home away from home for happy new age hippies such as myself! Relax and let your om-mani-padme-hum humming self relax and enjoy the fresh air, the plethora of books to get lost in, and discover new tools, crystals, and oils to enhance your current mindful meditation practice at the Bodhi Shop.

Bodhi (Sanskrit: बोधि; and Pali) in Buddhism is the understanding possessed by a Buddha regarding the true nature of things. It is traditionally translated into English with the word enlightenment, although its literal meaning is closer to “awakening,” wherein Bodhi is synonymous with the state of nirvana, being freed from hate, greed and ego.

Coming from Metro Manila, keep your eyes peeled for the familiar-looking signage for Antonio’s and their newer Lanai Lounge on your right, and you should see directions to La Bella Tagaytay and Bodhi posted there as well, which is inside the village proper. The commercial properties in the development look like whitewashed adobe Mexican houses surrounded by a beautiful assortment of flowers and greens. If the Mexican theme still isn’t that obvious, there is a statue of a sleeping Mexican hidden somewhere among the bushes – which personally, I find offensive and highly inappropriate.



Owned by Grace Eleazar – a real estate developer, environmentalist, artist, holistic practitioner, and author – the two-level shop displays products that promote natural healing methods on the ground floor, and a library of almost a thousand books taken from Grace’s personal collection, amassed over the last 40 years, on the second.

You can find a wealth of information in the form of books, CDs, and pamphlets on the shelves that tackle subjects like reincarnation, meditation, and world religions, as well as health-related topics like how to live with and beat diabetes as well as the benefits of juicing and detoxification. They also have food items for sale that one won’t necessarily find at the grocery stores, like stevia from Panama, pasta and ramen made with brown and black rice (so t’s gluten and grain-free), and organic hot chocolate.

For new age hippies like yours truly, you’ll be excited to know they also sell super affordable Palo Santo (Php 148) sticks that come in packs of two, and Smudge Kits (Php 348) that come with one big white sage bundle and an abalone shell for your blessing and purification rituals.



To one corner of the shop there are different soaps on offer made with essential oils, blended with goat’s milk, and combined with different organic ingredients like fennel, cedar, patchouli, poppyseed, charcoal, and vinegar (which turned your body alkaline).



I AM Chakra Crystal Mists offer a uniquely transcendent aromatherapy experience designed to dramatically shift emotional and energetic states, and clear your external and internal environments. Lovingly crafted by master formulators using their extensive knowledge of plants and gem minerals in a highly intuitive process, each special blend is infused with tachyon zero point energy and attuned to the cosmic harmonious frequency of 432 Hz. Our mists positively affect brain chemistry and the emotional body as they strengthen and balance the chakras.

I haven’t really tried the I AM Chakra Crystal Mists myself, but I’ve been hearing some really good things about them, especially how they help with meditation and reiki practice. Spray your mist of choice around your body and breathe deeply to elevate and change your mood to that of peace, bliss, love and enlightenment.



My favourite spot in the shop is the glass cabinet with all the pretty, pretty crystals! I have to get myself an Amethyst Cluster Pendant (Php 1,876) the next time I find myself there! If you’re new to exploring the benefits of crystals, an all around one to try is clear quartz, and they have two really nice ones at the back calling out to me.



Climb the stairs to the second floor and there you will find the most interesting library where you can spend hours and hours just learning about yourself, earth, the stars, the universe, and all things esoteric. There are rare books whose original publication dates back to the 1900s, making it quite the Antiquarian collection. The books are arranged according to topic.

Pick a spot and get cozy while you read up on Practical Occultism in Daily Life by Dion Fortune, The Masters and The Path by C.W. Leadbeater, and The Golden Guru by James S. Gordon. Explore The Book of Crystals by Fiona Toy, The Arcana of Symbolism by W.B. Crow, The Egyptian Book of the Dead, Egyptian Magic, and Health, Youth, and Beauty Through Color Breathing by Linda Clark and Yvonne Martine. Or immerse yourself in A Course In Miracles (a new age favourite!), 365 Science of the Mind by Ernest Holmes, Conversations with God by Neale Donald Walsch, The Yoga of Spiritual Devotion, and Divine Magic by Doreen Virtue.



My favourite spot at Bodhi is the rooftop, where you get a nice cool breeze no matter what time of day and you could lay out on the couch and just take it all in, take a few minutes to meditate and be thankful, or order a cup of organic hot chocolate and relax.

You will definitely be seeing me going back to Bodhi Shop on my next trip out to Tagaytay, probably buried under a mountain of books, happily soaking everything up like a sponge, and leaving with a replenishment of palo santo and white sage bundles.If you are one of those people looking for a little magic and healing in your life, this little shop is definitely for you!


Bodhi Shop is located inside La Bella Village Market, Brgy. Neogan, Tagaytay.