I have been very lucky to be a part of this little family called Holy Carabao. Luckier still to have found my tribe of like-minded individuals down south, at the Acacia Waldorf School. And with that, the opportunity to be a part of amazing little activities being held at The Farm Shed, an up-and-coming events place for everything green and farm-y, made with materials from what was once a home, upcycled into a magnificent space.

Hindy Weber-Tantoco and Mel Teng-Go, the owners of Holy Carabao, had been wanting to collaborate with their friend and singer, Lee Grane, for quite a while now, and we thought the new moon happening right after Thanksgiving was a good omen for a small Thanksgiving concert, with food and a handful of merchants that also resonate with the whole new moon theme. So, we made it happen!


The Farm Shed had such a nice vibe that afternoon, decorated with mats and throw pillows on the floor, as well as a few leather couches, poufs, chairs, and wooden benches surrounding the “stage” which was encircled with candles.


While waiting for the performance to start, guests went around the two long tables where I was giving short tarot readings. Next to me were the girls from Hey Jow, selling beautiful jewelry, keychains, bag holders, and paper products. I ended up taking home two of her bracelets myself – they were just too pretty not to pick up!



Sacred Space PH sells big white sage sticks as well as shasta sage sticks that he gets from California. The shasta has a lighter, slightly citrusy smell and is very fragrant once  burned. I bought a few for myself and I don’t have to use much to fill up to cleanse my space or objects, so the 4-inch sticks will definitely last me a while.



Crystal Age Healing also sold quite a few stones. Most of the crystals in my collection come from this lady, and I can attest to the quality of her merchandise. It’s also a lot more affordable than buying the same thing from a store – I have a clear quartz pointer, an amethyst cluster, and a tumbled rose quartz stone that I keep on my altar and charge with positive intentions every now and then to keep my home protected, light, and filled with incoming opportunity. So far, it seems to be working!



A little into the evening, yogini, businesswoman, and Waldorf mom, Imee Contreras, held a short thanksgiving meditation for everyone, and a lovely sense of calm enveloped the room as we all closed our eyes, got comfortable, and just let that shit go. Anything that kept us down, that made us feel unloved and ugly, that kept us in a negative space was exhaled out, and after that, a short sharing of what we’ve been thankful for in the past year. Hindy and Mel shared what they were thankful for (from the support of the community and the little lessons they’ve learned along the way) and as a surprise, opened up the food and refreshments table for everyone to partake and enjoy. Wow!



With fresh salads, cochinillo, and an assortment of drinks to try, everyone lined up for second and third helpings of the wonderfully wholesome food. I have never seen so many kids enjoy their salads before, so they must be doing something right! I tucked into my plate and tried a few of the fresh juices, a glass of wine, and water kefir at the ready, since I was also reading tarot for guests at the sacred space. I didn’t stop when the concert started until way past until it ended, and was just too happy to introduce curious seekers to the cards and how they aren’t scary (no thanks to scary movies), but enlightening.


After everyone had finished eating and settled down, Lee came up to the stage and started playing. How have I never heard of this woman before? What rock was I living under?! Her voice is amaaaazing! And all her original songs are about (or written under) full moons, which if you believe in angels and muses, is pretty special. Her rendition of Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah is probably one of my favorites.



If that wasn’t awesome enough, Nyko Maca joined her on stage to sing a few bars, too! Being not from here originally, I honestly didn’t know who she was until someone pointed it out – I just thought she was another cool Waldorf mom (but I think she is, too). Best known nowadays as the premier Brazilian fusion artist, this free spirit was so comfortable on stage, it looked like two friends at home rocking out to good music.



The New Moon Thanksgiving Concert that night was pure magic. I have never seen a community of people bond together that fast over food and good music. There was something in the air that was almost palpable, you could almost sense the divine. This year I am thankful that I got the chance to work with such wonderful, like-minded individuals who share their passions unselfishly with everyone else. I am thankful for the gift and opportunity to read for open-minded seekers who are ready to delve into their own psyche and face their truths. I am thankful for the beautiful farm outside and the farm shed, made from the pieces of Hindy’s old home, which she has turned into a special sanctuary for all who need it.


The Farm Shed is located at the Acacia Waldorf School, Hacienda Elena, Sta. Rosa, Laguna. They aren’t accepting event inquiries for the meantime, but if you want to inquire about education farm tours, please contact Bernie Belgrado at bernie@holycarabao.com.