It had been a week after celebrating Flores de Mayo with friends, and there I was, sitting in my hotel room still feeling bloated, sluggish, and hadn’t gone to the bathroom in days. I blame the lechon, the fruit salad, and different porcine-based dishes I had eaten over the course of two days, but mostly I blamed myself for over indulging. No amount of yoga seemed to help, and I wasn’t looking forward hitting the gym in the condition I was in either.

I’m not a fan of popping pills to lose weight, and have been very conscious of losing weight and gaining muscle my means of keeping everything I take – from daily supplements to medication – all natural. So for most of the afternoon, I was mulling over the description and ingredients of the contents of a parcel I had gotten in the mail yesterday, diligently Googling all that went into mySlim Yerba Mate by Vida Nutriscience thinking of whether or not I should be giving them a try.

Yerba Mate Strawberry Drink




I gave the mySlim Yerba Mate Slimming Drink (Php 89) drink a go after a really big dinner, and felt the need to pay the little girl’s room a visit about an hour after. For those on a strict diet, one of the main ingredients is Palatinose, an ingredient derived form sucrose, controlling the release of glucose in the blood, helping stabalize energy levels for a longer period throughout the day.

Carnipure, a more effective form of L-Carnitine, helps convert fat into usable energy, which would also make this drink a good alternative for protein shakes when going in for hot yoga or planaforma.

Finomate – also called Yerba Mate extract – on the other hand come from green mate extract and work as an appetite suppressant, reduces rebsorption, and also helps you burn excess fat.

The the 200ml mySlim drink is recommended to be taken every other day or three times a week. You literally feel the cleansing effect in about an hour or so, and thankfully this doesn’t give you the burning sensation with accompanying goosebumps you would usually get with most diet drinks and teas… or frequent visits to your favorite Indian restaurant.



Natural Fat Burner Complex Capsules

For losing twice the weight in half the time – as well as a great way to jumpstart your healthy lifestyle change, pair your Yerba Mate Slimming Drink with Vida Nutrascience’s mySlim Natural Fat Burner Complex Capsules (Php 540 for 30 capsules), which helps boost your metabolism with an added fat burning complex to further burn those unwanted jelly rolls you can’t seem to let go of, no matter how hard you try.

Composed of the same ingredients as the strawberry drink as well as Garcinia Cambogia, green tea extract, Vitamin 6 and Vitamin which all helps in increasing fat burning, reduction of fat reabsorption, and a suppression of appetite. After taking it for almost a week now, I’ve noticed how my hunger is has curbed significantly (i.e. no more midnight snacking) – although it has done nothing to improve my sweet tooth. Unlike other diet pills, there are no adverse side effects – no headaches, dizzy spells, bouts of diarrhea, or anal leakage here!

I take one capsule twice a day, right after lunch and then again right after dinner, as breakfast usually just consists of a fruit shake with chia seeds or actual fruit. If you’re one to enjoy rice with a fatty pieces of protein early in the morning – the likes of longganisa, hot dogs, or really oily tapa – then you may want to consider taking a capsule right after breakfast, too.



For someone who is very particular of what sort of medication I put into my body, I’m happy to report that aside from the zero side effects, I feel a lot more energized in the mornings and a lot lighter on my feet since I began taking the capsules. I took a liver function test before I started taking the mySlim capsules and drinks, and will take another test after a month so see how this will take a toll on my body, but so far this has been pretty effective and all aces in my book.

A word of advice before you invest in your mySlim products is, like most diets and diet supplements, they wouldn’t be effective without a healthy diet plan and proper exercise. Don’t expect to lose inches off your waist if you still eat the same oily, fatty food that made your middle balloon in the first place. You need determination, a strict workout plan, and a whole lot of patience to get to your ideal weight.


For more information on mySlim products, please visit Vida Nutriscience‘s website, Facebook fan page, or contact them through their Info Text Hotline at +63 928 665 2646.

Vida Nutriscience‘s mySlim products are available at Mercury Drugstore, Watsons,  SouthStar Drugstore, 7 eleven, Lazada, Robinsons Supermarket, Rose Pharmacy, and St. Joseph’s Drugstore.