In a country as mystical as the Philippine islands, it comes as no surprise that we have fortune tellers, alburarios, babaylans, and mystics aplenty, which makes sniffing out the real ones from the eccentrics who just want to make a quick buck quite challenging. Personally, Tarot reading has always been something I find illuminating when I need a fresh perspective on things, something I was introduced to when a clairvoyant paid my family a visit when I was still a teen in high school. I find that it helps me make choices in life or give me some insight when I feel overwhelmingly defeated or confused in life.

I have learned a lot about myself from various Tarot readings over the years, and I find it compliments my faith in trusting that everything will always work out for the better. Funnily enough, this time the Tarot reader sought me out at the time when I was at a crossroads, going through another quarter-life crisis. I felt like I was in a rut, I was struggling to come to terms with various aspects of my life, and needed help in deciding what to do and which direction to take before I turn the big 3-0 next year.

The Tarot Reader




Enter Robert Rubin of Mysterium Philippines. A writer, teacher, jujitsu competitor, and a professional tarot reader of over 18 years, Rob had always had an interest in Tarot reading as a kid in San Francisco. His Tarot reading journey began at age 14 when he asked a visiting gypsy at the esoteric bookstore to teach him how to go about it. The old man took out an old set of Tarot cards and handed it to the young Rob and the rest is history. A totally normal coming of age story.

I paid Rob a visit at Mysterium Philippines, his “office” of sorts in Katipunan, located in the building next to Xocolat at a kind of Platform 9 ¾ floor (you’ll get it when you pay him a visit – you have to go through what seems to be the fire exit before getting to a mezzanine of sorts between floors that actually makes you feel like you’re in the basement),where magick abounds (we would hear knocking on the door and somebody dropping coins, but nobody was there). The place had a classroom-type setting on one side for the various esoteric classes he teaches, a reiki room with a big healing quartz crystal on another, and his office at the back. Initially, I thought I would only be meeting him for your run-of-the-mill Tarot reading session, but I got that and so much more!




After giving me a brief introduction on who he was, what he does, and what to expect out of the tarot reading session, Rob handed me the Tarot cards to shuffle three times as well as cut them into three piles. Some Tarot readers don’t like it when their clients handle their deck, since most people – myself included – don’t know how to shuffle them properly and end up bending the deck. I find that shuffling the deck to be an important aspects of the reading as when it is shuffled, you help put your energy and subconscious thoughts into the reading. Separating the decks into three stacks is equally important, as according to ancient wisdom, this separating is also considered to be “blessing the deck.” As the deck is cut into three piles, you are giving permission to be read with good blessings from above. I find that a little ancient wisdom – not to mention a blessing here and there – never hurt anyone.

An Enlightening Tarot Reading




I chose a pile that tickled my fancy and that’s what we used to begin my reading. Rob would spread the deck, take a good look, before reading off of the cards. The first spread he did was about my past, present and future, and I like to use the validating facts about my past and my present, which for one, is a good gauge to find out whether or not your Tarot reader is legit, and secondly, made me apprehensive about what he was going to say about my future. It was almost scary how on point he was with what he told me. After giving my cards a good, hard stare, the first thing that came out of his mouth was, “Everything you want in life is outside of the Philippines. What are you still doing here?” Which was true. But then again, this is where things are currently happening for me and I do feel like I have a lot more to learn here which is why I keep coming back. And besides, I can work my tan all year long with the beaches being a few hours away!

Rob makes Tarot reading fun! I like how he explained things to me by using pop culture references, it feels less like you talked to an old gypsy woman and more Barney Stinson sans the suit. He would say something totally random like, “You’re a Luke Skywalker.” which I had no idea what that meant, until he mentioned that I need a teacher for what I was seeking – I need to find my Yoda. Another funny reference was when he also referred to me as Batman – I have a Bruce Wayne side that I show to the public and a Dark Knight side that I keep to myself. Which both happen to be true.

One of the more disturbing things he mentioned was that my future also revealing that I may possibly be a mum – something I’m totally not ready for nor prepared for. That, and I’d like to think I’d need to be in some sort of relationship first in order for that to even remotely happen. “Are you sure it isn’t a work baby? Or maybe a new furbaby?” I asked him. “Nope, this is definitely a baby-baby.” Yikes!

He went into a few other things, but the one that stuck with me was when he said brought home the fact that my talent I should focus more on writing. This validation just made me want to further my calling for the startup I’m currently working on and maybe another project I had been hoping to work on next year. That, and I had just revamped and re-branded this site! Inneresting.



After reading my cards, Rob then proceeded to shuffle them again before having me ask five questions – and for the life of me, after asking about love, career, and family, I didn’t know what else to ask! So of course, being such a hopeless romantic, my first question was about finding love. The cards validated how I was going through quite the dry spell, but that love is not in the cards for me this year. Aww, boo. There was no problem in the business department, but I should consider having someone else handle the new start-up I’m in the middle of putting together and not try to handle everything myself. I also had a few questions about my family, and Rob chuckled as he read how it’s not that I don’t want to have anything to do with them, I just cannot stand the amount of negativity that stems from being around them. I think he hit the nail right on the head there! I haven’t traveled abroad in a while, so that was something I was particularly interested in, and Rob revealed that I may be going someplace hot in the near future. I hope this someplace is London in the summer. Casablanca or Barcelona will do nicely, too!

Tarot Takeaway




Overall, I had a really fun time getting my cards read with Rob at Mysterium Philippines. The whole Tarot reading session was light, fun, and intuitive all at the same time. If booking a Tarot reading with Rob will be your first Tarot experience, I suggest you come in with an open mind and take home the predictions and advice that most excite you. At the end of the day, the Tarot reader may give you a list of possibilities of future outcomes based on the path you’ve chosen now, but it is still up to you to create your own destiny. The prediction about traveling is something that excites me, the impending baby news is something I’m definitely choosing to change, and I have no strong feelings whether or not I find the love of my life this year or the next. My Tarot reading that afternoon helped corroborate my personal truth that I was doing the right thing and made me realize that there are other aspects of myself that I should explore that could be a tool for my further personal development as well.

Book an appointment for a Tarot Reading with Rob Rubin (Php 2,500/session) at Mysterium Philippines located at the Mezzanine Floor, Burgundy Place Condominium, Katipunan Avenue corner B Gonzales St., Quezon City. Mention Mucking Around Manila and get a complimentary shortened Petite Lenormand reading, too! For inquiries, call + 63 916 551 1824.


Robert Rubin has an undergraduate degree in the Fields of Mass Communication and Political Sciences, as well as taken Masteral courses in Conflict and Reconciliation studies from the University of Saint La Salle. Rob has worked as one of the four Lead Paranormal Investigators for GMA 7’s Misteryo, discussing topics ranging from possession to witchcraft and has also been featured in shows such as Imbestigador, Matanglawin, Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho, Sweet Life with Lucy Torres, and many others. He currently works as a professional esoteric consultant, helping people make decisions in their life by providing alternative routes and discussing potential outcomes. Rob is also a passionate advocate of responsible teaching and application of the esoteric arts.