Kung Hei Fat Choi! Gong Xi Fa Cai! Xin Nian Kuai Le! Happy Chinese New Year!

The Chinese-Filipino community have been celebrating the ushering in of the new year since yesterday, and today, the oldest Chinatown in the world is packed with people, with dragon dancers performing on every corner all through the day. Whilst ringing in the Year of the Wood Sheep/Goat with lots of noise, auspicious food, and lots of joss sticks do help bring in good juju, the folks from The Mala Tree Crystal Shop help you keep that good luck and prosperity with you all year round with lucky gemstones – also a helpful Chinese tradition.

Here’s the feng shui forecast for each Chinese zodiac animal and how they correspond in the Year of the Sheep, as well as what one can wear or keep on their person to keep bad juju out and let the good times roll:



The year brings forth good news – but things would not be easy. Good thing, the Wood Sheep also ushers in the Heavenly Star No. 6 and along it comes success and helpful people. This shields you from the experiencing the worst this year.

Wear wealth-enhancing crystals (Aventurine, Citrine, Moss Agate or Pyrite) to activate your wealth luck. Put aventurine tumbled stones or wealth charms in the North East of your home. If you wish for money to come to you, use an Aventurine Mala and recite the Kubera Mantra to invite more money to come. Since you are in direct contact with the Taisui, put a Black Tourmaline tumbled stone or cluster in the SouthWest. For added protection, wear the Ultimate Protection Bracelet (Black Tourmaline with Bronzite Mantra). To lessen conflicts and enmity, put a rose quartz tumbled stone in the center of your home. You can also wear the Anti-Hostility bracelet or Howlite pendant/bracelet to invite more peace and patience.

The Ox’s life force energy is weak this year and it is advised to keep or wear the following crystals to increase the life force: ruby, selenite, or garnet. Other options are: Aquamarine, Tourmaline, or Peridot. Increase your energy with garnet and carnelian.



The Tiger’s luck will continue in the 2015 Wood Sheep chart because of its lovable personality and very strong life force. Although this will be a wonderful year in terms of career and education, there will be tough months, too. To enhance wealth and career luck, wear a bracelet/pendant/mala made of Citrine or Moss Agate. A Citrine Mala will be beneficial for keeping your money luck flowing. You may also put tumbled stones made of said crystals on your desk.

To enhance personal growth, wear Turquonite, or a mala made from Orange Agate or Picture Jasper or a bracelet made from Amber. To prevent conflicts, you can use Rose Quartz, Bluelace Agate, or White Howlite. Put a red, blue, or green stone on the West corner of your house.

The Tiger has the “Nobleman Luck,” which becomes more effective all through out the year if you will put Aventurine or Clear Quartz on your desk. Put a citrine cluster or tumbled stone in your garden to enhance success luck.



Things are very favorable for the Rabbit sign this 2015 as the sign becomes more confident and strong, brimming with energy to accomplish things. 2015 is the start of a series of auspicious years for the rabbit. The favorable starts in your chart assure you of an amazing year ahead.

Enhance the Victorious Star #1 in your chart by wearing or keeping a carnelian mala, a fluorite pendant, and a garnet bracelet with Kuan Yin Dzi to activate the Star of the Golden Deity. A Bloodstone Mala is also a good stone to wear to boost your health. For wealth, use moss agate, Tree Agate, or Malachite. You don’t need problematic people near you and wearing a Serpentine, Opalite or Black Tourmaline with Bronzite Mantra bracelet is advised. Double your luck by wearing or keeping a Fluorite stone.

For wisdom, wear or keep Blue Agate or Clear Quartz in times that you need to activate your mind or doing an important project that requires deep thinking.



The elements of the year saps the strength of the dragon thus making his/her confidence go down. Consequently, the dragon’s health and spirit essence are weakened. To prevent this, you must be put a Clear Quartz tumbled stone or cluster on your bedside table and wear clear quartz bracelet with longevity dzi. A wulou bracelet will also be beneficial. Another good practice is to wear or meditate using a Fancy Jasper Mala. Keep a jasper pendan (Ryolite or Red Jasper) t in a black pouch or wear it to imbue your body with energy.

Good thing, the Golden Deity Star will visit you and help you in your wealth and income luck, so wearing a Citrine bracelet with 5-eye dzi will be of help. It is also good to meditate on a Moonstone Mala to gain the approval of the deities.

Since you are in the side conflict of the Tai Sui, it’s best that you wear black gemstones like Onyx, Black Tourmaline, Black Obsidian, Black Tiger’s Eye or Black Botswana Agate. Increase wisdom with a Lapis Lazuli.



The Wood Sheep brings a wonderful year to the Snake in terms of success. Not only does the year promises you to receive big money, but it also promises business and career advancement if you tap your lucky sectors properly. Take advantage of your immense luck this year as you have the potential to dramatically change your way of living towards the positive.

Wear an Picture Jasper dzi bracelet and meditate on a Petrified Wood or Blue Agate Mala to activate your lucky sector. Further activate and double your luck by keeping a Fluorite pendant which you can wear as well. Since everything that you wish for can possibly come true this year, you can wear a Yellow Calcite Bracelet (preferably with the 21 eye Wish Granting Dzi). Although you are lucky in terms of success, be careful not to set aside the other aspects of your life. Display a clear quartz or amethyst cluster/crystal point/tumbled stone in your living room. You may also wear a quartz accessory or keep one in your purse.

People may be jealous of your success. Options to ward off evil intentions are the black tourmaline with bronzite mantra bracelet or be steps ahead of them by wearing Labradorite or Larvekite. Increase the power of the mind with Hematite.



The horse is the Sheep’s secret friend, but because of the elements of the chart, the horse’s luck is somewhere in the middle. First of all, the Horse’s energy is low which prevents him/her of harvesting the fruits of the auspicious stars in the Horse Charts. So it’s best to keep a positive outlook and energetic mindset. Wear a red jasper bracelet and wear/meditate with a Red Agate mala (or Rubellite Mala). To amplify the effects of these stones and to shield from illness, a Clear Quartz pendant can be worn. To increase your life force energy, you may also use Turquonite. Other beneficial stones that may save you from energy drain are Fowlerite, Rose Quartz, or Rhodonite.

You are also affected by the Robbery Star, so it’s best to wear a Botswana Agate Mala or Braceley and Gold Tiger’s Eye Mala in your low months. Use Rainbow Moonstone to summon the help of the deities in protecting your wealth.



The Sheep this year will experience personal happiness that makes 2015 very exciting. Your chart is visited by very auspicious stars and this will continue if you will not disturb the Tai Sui.

Do not face the direction of the Taisui (South-West) and always wear a Unakite or Pink Jasper Bracelet to shower you and the people around you with kind energy. To further enhance your wealth luck, display Citrine crystal points, tumbled stones, or clusters in the South-West of your living room.

Benefit from your wealth luck, too, by using Garnet or Red Jasper Mala Necklace, Bracelet or Pendant. In your low months, increase the fire energy by meditating on a Sunstone or Orange Agate Mala.

There are two auspicious stars in your chart. Activate them by putting any quartz crystal facing your door. Activate the annual auspicious #9 star by keeping a Citrine Tumbled Stone or by wearing a Tourmalinated Quartz bracelet. To keep everything peaceful in terms of relationships (family, friends, colleagues, relatives, significant other), wear a Carnelian stone.



The Year of the Wood Sheep brings a mixture of lucky and unfortunate stars, which makes 2015 both challenging and exciting. It is important that the Monkey wear a Multicolor Tourmaline bracelet or wear/meditate on a Botswana Agate Mala.

To subdue the bad stars, the Monkey can wear a Fire Agate bracelet and keep an Aventurine pendant. In the South-West of your living room, display tumbled stones or clusters of the following stones: Citrine, Clear Quartz, and Amethyst. This will prevent you from encountering the “Three Kinds of Bad Luck.”

To enhance your career and gear you up towards promotion, it is beneficial to wear or keep the following stones especially in your lucky months: Yellow Calcite, Garnet, or Pyrite. Place an Aventurine tumbled stone or pendant on top of your workdesk to activate the Lucky Stars. Avoid all conflicts at all times by putting Rose Quartz in the center of your home and wearing Strawberry Quartz in your bad months. To enhance romance luck, put a Rhodonite stone on your bedside table.



The Rooster needs all the luck it could get this year as there are many unfavorable stars that will pay a visit this 2015. Sounds negative but with the help of the complete elements of the 2015 annual chart, the Rooster can withstand all of the misfortunes and, in fact, can convert them into auspicious luck if he becomes meticulous with the year’s cures and enhancers.

The biggest task is to subdue the Misfortune Star No. 5 (Total Loss) by countering it with anti-negativity crystals such as Citrine, Red Tiger’s Eye or Red Agate. The Rooster must embrace love and nurturing from its environment and thus Amethyst or Purple Agate are essential as well. The Annual Three Killings also visit the Rooster and can be subdued by Citrine in the Rooster’s bad months. Meditating on the mantra “Om Mani Padme Hum” with a Carnelian that calls him will be beneficial and summon the deities like Kuan Yin, Green Tara, or Chundi.

It is essential for Roosters to place a Black Tourmaline tumbled stone or cluster in the west. Wear a Yellow Calcite Dzi for fulfillment of wishes bracelet and Carnelian bracelet for good health and a Peach Moonstone accessory to prevent conflict and welcome peace.



The year’s elements drain the energy of the Pig, causing sluggishness, fatigue, and laziness. The Pig must take extra measure to push itself to do things and not let anything slow down its success potential. The Boar can do this by using health and energy-giving crystals, both for the physical body and the emotional body.

For the physical body, the Pig can make use of Clear Quartz, Carnelian, Red Agate or any type of Jasper stone. A mala made of Lapis Lazuli can be used to imagine the color of Lapis Lazuli, which symbolizes the Medicine Buddha. An Onyx Mala will also be a good companion in your bad months. Reciting mantras (Sanskrit or personal) can be helpful. Aquamarine or Blue Agate can also purify the unhealthy energy.

For success luck, you resonate with stones that are earthy in color such as: Mahogany Obsidian and Gold-Sheen Obsidian. Enhance more opportunities by keeping an Aventurine pendant and by putting Aventurine on your workdesk. Enhance kindness around you with Howlite. Display Clear Quartz in the Northwest of your living room to attract good chi and receive good news.



This is going to be a great year for the Rat! Way better than last year. Excellent stars bring in good luck and success for the rat because of the presence of the #8 Star in its chart. This means that the Rat will experience abundance in many forms: wealth, good health, and success, which is very strong.

Enhance your luck with the power of wealth enhancing Dzi beads like the 9-eye, the 5-eye, the 3-eye or the God of Wealth. You can wear Smokey Quartz to further amplify your luck; Labradorite to increase foresight. Meditate on a Botswana Agate or Tourmalinated Quartz Mala to grant your wishes. It is beneficial that you put indoor plants in your living room. Display a Citrine cluster in the most noticeable part of your living room. For added good luck and protection, put Black Tourmaline near your door entrance (or wear a mala or bracelet made from this stone).

Put a Black Tourmaline cluster or tumbled stone on your desk to prevent difficult people from interfering this year. Don’t forget to rub Black Tourmaline to unleash its luck enhancing properties. Although the year is favorable to you, there will still be obstacles. Wear Yellow Calcite bracelet with 21-eye Dzi to clear your path to success. Be protected in your bad months bt wearing Mahogany Obsidian or Gold Tigers Eye in your bad months. Wear or carry a Howlite or Rose Quartz pendant or tumbled stone at all times to maintain peace and harmony.



Start the year by helping other people, doing good deeds (charity), and inviting good karma as the Dog is in side conflict with the Taisui. Carry a Black Tourmaline tumbled stone or wear the Ultimate Protection bracelet to deflect negative energy. Never face the South-West. Wear a Moonstone bracelet to grant your wishes and not be affected by the Annual 5 Killings Star.

It is also important to protect your health by using a Sodalite pendant and a Lapis Lazuli Mala. An onyx or Black Tourmaline accessory can be helpful as well. You should be wary of gossips and backstabbing. Turqupnite can save you from bad experiences. Using Dalmatian Stone and Amethyst will make people more loyal to you. Labradorite also becomes helpful as it improves your foresight and “gut feel” making you two steps ahead of those who plan to discredit or badmouth you.

Improve your networking luck by carrying or wearing Rose Quartz or Garnet. To enhance career and money luck, trust the usual stones of abundance: Aventurine or Moss Agate.

Now, mala beads are a set of beads used for meditation and prayer, but if mala beads aren’t your thing, you can always ask for tumbled stones or crystal clusters instead.

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