If you think a romantic getawawy for two at the amazing Infinity Resort in Puerto Galera cannot get any better, you’re mistaken. After spending a sexy afternoon by the pool or getting in a day’s worth of dives with the Marco Vincent Dive Center, come back to your little sanctuary where the mountains meet the sea and  indulge in some extra pampering at the resort’s Malasimbo Spa before getting a bite to eat at The Brae.


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Infinity Resort, a Luxurious Escape in Puerto Galera
Diving at Giant Clams with Marco Vincent Dive Center
The Brae at Infinity Resort Meets Manila’s Queen of Thai
The Iraya-Mangyan Village of Talipanan, Oriental Mindoro




Malasimbo Spa has its own large villa near the entrance of the resort, a tranquil space situated away from the rest of the villas and the pool, a quiet space dedicated to “me time”, with a few rules to keep in mind to better enjoy your time:

  1. Book your treatments in advance. If you can’t make it, please cancel 4 hours before the scheduled treatment time otherwise you will get charged with 50% of the treatment price to your account.
  2. Arrive at the spa 15 minutes before your scheduled treatment time to start the relaxation process.
  3. As you’re at the spa to relax, please assume that the other guests go there for the same purpose as well. Everyone should respect the spa as a quiet zone. If you’re bringing your phone of tablet, make sure it’s on vibrate or simply turn it off so you don’t disturb others.
  4. If you have any existing medical conditions such as high blood pressure, heart conditions, allergies, if you’re pregnant of have any other medical complication that you think we should know abut, please notify the Spa reception doctor before signing up for any treatments.

Before starting your treatment, one would be required to fill out a form that lays out if you have any conditions that your therapist should be aware of, as well as your massage preferences.




One of the more popular services is the “Malasimbo” Signature Massage (Php 1,600/ 60 minutes) – a signature massage reminiscent of the strong majestic mountain of Mindoro, Mt. Malasimbo. This massage lulls one to sleep as the skillful therapist gently strokes key pressure points of the body to relieve tension and promote better blood circulation, the experience being enhanced with the use of specially blended therapeutic oils like peppermint and ylang-ylang.

My therapist during the treatment was very attentive to what I needed and made sure I was content with everything from the strength of the scent of the soothing peppermint I was inhaling from a bowl below my massage table to the pressure of the massage she was giving. Also, as I am an evangelist for using organic products at home, the use of healing virgin coconut oil for all the massage treatments is definitely a plus. After the massage, pop into the shower to wash off the oil and head to the lobby to enjoy a teapot of salabat – a local hot ginger drink.

If you’re looking for a really romantic way to spend quality time with your significant other, ask for the Massage Under the Stars (Php 1,200/ 60 minutes), a fabulous combination of hand and foot reflexology that can be enjoyed whilst stargazing.




My spa treatment of preference are the scrubs – and the “Dalit” Purifying Salt Glow (Php 1,800/60 minutes) is a really lovely organic treatment that makes the use of Dead Sea salt and virgin coconut oil, to exfoliate dead skin cells, replenish minerals and deeply moisturize your skin, bringing it back to a healthy glow.




After a day of water activities, paying the Fish Spa (Php 250/ 20 minutes) a visit kind of brings your day full circle, with the fish spa treatment promoting blood circulation and facilitating the regeneration of healthy skin. This is the first time I had ever tried it – and ended up giggling most of the time. It was really ticklish!




If you really enjoy the treatments and want to take a little piece of Malasimbo Spa home with you, ask your therapist about the moisturizing oils and body scrubs that are available at the lobby. They also have after sun lotion and lip balm made from virgin coconut oil for those who forgot to bring their aloe vera gel and Chapstick with them, although it does come off as a tad pricey because of the quality of ingredients used.




If your day isn’t complete without spending some time in the gym, Malasimbo Spa has a simple gym that looks out onto the entrance of Infinity Resort. The owners have not skimped on the equipment, and aside from the eliptical machine, bicycle, and treadmill, there’s also a set of weights on the other side for those who lift.




Overall, Malasimbo Spa is a getaway from your getaway  – another nook for one to escape to that offers a whole other range of services aimed to pamper and relax stressed guests and romantic couples looking to hide away from the world for a day or two. Albeit, I found the prices for some of the services expensive – like the Php 500 for using the sauna for two for 15 minutes – the therapists don’t mind if you stay a little longer and don’t rush you out of the treatment room if you want to take your sweet time in the shower or stay for another pot of salabat. The use of virgin coconut oil for most of the products at the spa is also another draw for me – I use it from everything from oil pulling to body moisturizer, and smelling like you just came from the beach is absolutely delicious.


Malasimbo Spa at Infinity Resort is located at Talipanan in Puerto Galera, Oriental Mindoro. For inquiries or to book a room, please call +63 917 792 6353 or +63 919 993 3449 between 8am – 9pm daily.