I don’t know about you lot, but I go gaga for accessories. It’s the little things that pull an outfit together, and one of my guilty pleasures is spending hours at stores, just rifling through the latest statement necklaces, cocktail rings, and the like that gets heads turning – the more unique it is, the better! What I don’t like so much is how much I have to spend for them. I know I can spend upwards of Php 1,500 for a summery necklace and bracelet combination from my favorite online store, and additional Php 350 for those big hoop earrings that’ll go perfectly with my new tan, and an extra Php 500 for a set of metallic temporary tattoos that’ll fade away in a week (but looks pretty badass in photos!).

Unnecessary Impulse buying is definitely a girl thing, and the team behind Trinquets have heard our wallets’ pleas. A revolutionary subscription box, they send out at least five different types of accessories right to your doorstep every other month, each with a different theme. With a team of young stylists, they keep ahead of the trend, sending out curated boxes of beautiful pieces worth fawning over.

As a special treat, they sent me a teaser box of trinquets for me to play with before they officially start accepting orders this April. Here’s a peek at my box:




A red necklace with gold detail adds an understated elegance to any outfit. Wear this with a white button down shirt tucked into denim shorts and a comfortable pair of sandals on weekends or spruce up your usual office attire with this bold statement piece.




These beaded earrings have quite the art deco look going for them. Pair this with a little black dress and statement heels and channel your inner Rihanna or pair these with black leggings, a long top, a flannel shirt, black booties, and a tote bag for a more laid back look.




This adjustable snake piece is my favorite of the box! You can wear it three ways: as a necklace, a bracelet, or an arm piece. Give your date outfit an upgrade and send naughty signals with this serpentine accessory – he won’t know whether you’re hissing him away or beckoning for him to take a closer look. If the snake doesn’t bite, you just might!




Lastly, make a statement with this faux snakeskin clasp. Compliment this with your other gold accessories and keep to neutral colors when it comes to what you’re wearing for a cool, sophisticated look. An all-white ensemble with snakeskin pumps also compliments this clasp nicely.




Each subscription box is Php 950/ each or sign up for a three-box subscription for Php 850/ each. For the guys who plan on giving these as gifts to their significant others – this is more than very reasonably priced. Believe me.

If all of this has got your lips pursed and your eyebrows arched in intrigue, here’s how they work:

  1. Head on over to trinquets.com and sign up for a subscription. Each box is carefully curated and sent out every other month.
  2. Giddily wait for your box to arrive in the mail.
  3. Smell the box, savor the box, and then open it with wild abandon. Take pictures of all your goodies for your friends on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to see. Better tag @Trinquets while you’re at it.
  4. Get exclusive (elusive) subscriber tips on how to use your shiny new trinquets through their newsletters.
  5. Earn points for special reward items by inviting your friends and joining in (future) social media contests.

Pretty easy, no? Deadline of orders for the first box of Trinquets is on April 15, 2015, so hurry and sign up before they run out of boxes to send!