I have been subscribed to Trinquets – the bi-monthly accessories subscription box – since they started, and this is my favorite one to date! This month’s theme is all about wanderlust, and the curators of cute accessories have really put together a great selection of must-have items for when you backpack all over the country or travel tote-ing in style to New York.

Here’s what I unboxed this month:




Pack all your travel essentials – passport, ticket, pen, cards, and cash – in this super cute long purse to keep from having to dig into your bag every time you need to present your papers of fill out a form. Recently, I’ve been using this as my snack pouch, and have squirreled away trail mix that I keep in a ziploc bag, matcha green tea sachets, instant coffee, and little candies that would otherwise end up crushed at the bottom of my tote.

Also, when traveling, a scarf or pashmina is always a smart clothing item to have handy, and the Trinquets team thoughtfully added a functional grey ombré scarf with an interesting chevron fold pattern to the mix. Light and versatile, it can easily be folded and kept in your bag and brought out when it gets a little chilly on long haul flights or bus rides.




The weather in the Philippines is hot and humid most of the time (when it isn’t dark and stormy) and so a pair of chic sunglasses and a light colored fedora is just the thing one needs when island hopping! The best part about these two travel must-haves is that they pair fantastically well with resort wear – whether it’s an all white romper with gold accessories and sandals, a pair of shorts and a tank top with leather bracelets and your favorite pair of chucks (or Bensimons – I’ve been loving them lately!), or a caftan with big chandelier earrings and sexy platform wedges – the classic sunnies and hat combination cannot be beat!

Also, can I just gush about how soft the fedora is? It doesn’t take up any space at all – I was surprised to see it neatly folded in my subscription box! You can literally scrunch it up and pop it into your bag when do don’t need it and then take it out and dust it off when the occasion calls for it. I love it!




Lastly, you have to be sensible when bringing jewelry along with you when you travel. Little things like rings and earrings tend to get lost when shuttling from one place to the other, and I can attest to losing more than a few little studs and bracelets that I accidentally leave in hotel rooms or that make their way into the depths of my bag never to be seen again. A beautiful statement piece that also makes for a perfect beach accessory is the very feminine double necklace with a purple Swarovski-like bar and an amethyst drop pendant. When worn by travelers, amethyst supposedly protects the wearer from treachery and surprise attacks, and for those who are intuitive, can be used as a connection to the divine, inspiring an enhanced meditative state – a favorite crystal among yogis and yoginis!

Another beach-friendly accessory is the duo of woven bracelets which look super cute when paired with a bikini (maybe a few friendship anklets if that’s your thing)! Add some color to your wardrobe with these fun bracelets and pair them with pastel dresses, neon cover-ups, or your favorite pair of denim shorts for a fresh, young look.




Each subscription box is Php 950/ each or sign up for a three-box subscription for Php 850/ each. This is a really thoughtful gifts guys can give to their girlfriends – and you don’t have to pay an arm and a leg for it, either.

Are you nodding? Great. Here’s how the subscription works:

  1. Head on over to trinquets.com and sign up for a subscription. Each box is carefully curated with a special theme and sent out every other month.
  2. Rejoice and wait in eager anticipation for the delivery guy to knock at your door.
  3. Hug the box, love the box, share the contents of the box on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and tag @Trinquets – it’ll make them happy!
  4. Get exclusive (elusive) subscriber tips on how to use your shiny new trinquets through their newsletters.
  5. Earn points for special reward items by inviting your friends and joining in (future) social media contests.

It’s all pretty straightforward. Deadline for the August box of Trinquets is on July 31, 2015, so go sign up now, as they only have a limited number of boxes to send out!